Fast Drying Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Fast Drying Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Fast Drying Commercial Carpet Cleaning

commercial carpet cleaningYou are looking for Commercial Carpet Cleaning but you do not want it to take long. You do not want it to be wet for a long period of time. You are not thrilled about the cost. You want results that will impress you. You want a company that you can depend on.

Smart Choice Cleaning located in Lake county, Ohio. Serves Lake County, Geauga County and Cuyahoga County is your answer. We do offer Commercial Carpet Cleaning that you are traditionally use to which is hot water extraction (also known as steam cleaning). We also offer very low moisture cleaning (VLM).

Very Low Moisture Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Very low moisture cleaning is dry in under one hour and it can bring your carpet back to life. It takes less time to clean than hot water extraction which saves you money. The results can be very impressive. The price is so much lower that you might consider getting your carpets cleaned more often which is great because you have visitors to your facility throughout the year. Did I mention that the cleaning solution for our VLM cleaning is also a certified Green product. Imagine that a green cleaning that will save you money and dry in under a hour. Did you know that some of the biggest manufacturers of commercial carpets are now recommending this cleaning?

Can we add a carpet protector with it? Yes we can ! Carpet protector can help with the times in between cleanings. It helps to keep soil from attaching to your carpet fiber. It makes even regular vacuuming more effective. Make sure you hire a carpet cleaning service that can resolve your house issues and let it looking just like new.

Still not sure?  Call us today and we will for free come out and demonstrate it for you so you can see the results with out a commitment. We know your going to love it.

Hot Water Extraction Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Hot water extraction is dry in about 2-4 hours and it can bring your carpet back to life. It takes a while longer to clean than VLM but it is very effective as well. The results here as well can be very impressive. It is still recommended to get hot water extraction commercial carpet cleaning done every so often. Depending on your carpet and usage which our certified technician will be able to go over with you. With VLM on a regular basis can be done once every 4-5 years.

Smart Choice Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Smart Choice,  family-owned, and operated business. Our technician is IICRC certified in commercial carpet care. We knowledge and understanding to give you the best carpet cleaning you have ever had.


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