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Spot Removal Giude

IMPORTANT:Due to the wide variety of spotting agents and the fibers they are used on we can assume no responsibility for any damage occurring. Always proceed with caution and only after pretesting each cleaning agent.

Blotting and “applying” are the basic steps of any carpet cleanup. Start by
blotting up the spill using clean white absorbent materials like terry cloth or paper towels. Work from the outer edge to the center. Keep turning or replacing the towel so a fresh surface is always being applied to the carpet.

Gently scrape up solids with the edge of a spoon. While you work, keep an eye on the towel. As long as you are getting color of the spill on the towel you are making progress.
Keep blotting until you are not getting any more transfer to your towel. Never rub. Rubbing can fuzz or distort carpet fibers, as well as spread the stain.

Before applying anything, try to identify the source of the stain. Different stains require different cleaning procedures. Always pretest in an inconspicuous spot any cleaning solution you are going to use.n Without over-wetting, apply
a retail spotting agent or the  solutions we recommend here. Use clean white unprinted materials. Never use all-purpose spray cleaners, bleach, or alkaline detergents – You can damage your carpeting. When you have cleaned up and rinsed as best you can, get a thickness of fresh towels.

Place them on the spot and put a weight on top of it, like a glass or ceramic dish. This will work as a poultice and help draw out more of the spot. Identify the source of the stain. Check the list below for stain type and its corresponding letter(s). Follow the lettered instructions under “Complex”. All numbers relate to the steps under “Basic”. Regardless of the source, immediately clean up as much stain as possible. Call us if you have a difficult spot. We are just a phone call away and we have lots of experience in removing tough spots and stains. Pet stains, in particular, often require special treatment.

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Stain Key 1


1. Using white absorbent cloth or paper towels, blot up or scoop up as much of the spill as possible. Never rub. Rubbing can alter the texture of the carpet.

2. Apply (without over wetting) clean warm (not hot) water to trained area. Blot up firmly to remove as much moisture as possible. Repeat until there’s no stain or no further transfer of stain.

3. If stain remains on carpet, apply (without over wetting) a solution of warm water and mild non-bleach liquid laundry detergent (1 teaspoon to 1 quart water). Clear mild dishwashing liquid, without additives like hand softeners or scents, is also ok. Let stand for about 5 minutes.

4. IMPORTANT STEP: Blot up the detergent. Then apply clear warm water (without over wetting). Blot up water. Once again apply clear warm water. Blot up water. Repeat until all detergent is removed. Detergent residue accelerates resoiling!

5. Absorb remaining moisture with layers of white paper towels weighted down overnight with a non-staining glass or ceramic object.

6. When Completely dry, vacuum or brush the pile to restore texture., After drying, if the stain reappears, it may be because some of the stain remained deep in the pile and wicked up to the surface. If so, repeat steps 3 to 6. If the stain remains, give us a call.



A. Follow 1. Then apply dry cleaning solvent (available at a hardware store or the cleaning aisle of your supermarket). Follow instructions and precautions on container. Then follow 2-6.

B. Follow 1 -3. Then apply solution of clear, white, nonsudes ammonia (2 tbs. to 1 qt. water), Blot with clean white cloth or paper towels. Repeat 3. Then 4 – 6.

C. Follow 1 – 4. Then apply solution of white vinegar (2 tbs. vinegar to 1 qt. water) Blot with clean white cloth or paper towels. Repeat 3. Then 4-6.

D. Follow 1 – 3. Then apply solution of white vinegar (2 tbs. to 1 qt. water) and blot. Next apply solution of clear, white, nonsuds ammonia (2 tbs. to 1 qt. water) and blot. Repeat 3. Then 4 – 6.

E. Freeze area with ice cubes. Shatter solid mass with blunt instrument. Vacuum up pieces. Follow 3 – 6.

F. Test nail polish remover on an obscure non-visible section of carpet to see if it removes color. If not, apply remover and blot. Repeat if necessary.

G. Follow 1 – 4. If stain remains, apply dry cleaning solvent (follow instructions and precautions on the container). Repeat 3 & 4. Then 5 & 6.

H. Vacuum thoroughly. If needed, follow 1 – 6. Note: If these procedures do not work for you, consult us, your carpet care professional.

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