Carpet Cleaning Then and Now What’s Different

Carpet Cleaning Then and Now What’s Different

carpet cleaning thenCarpet Cleaning Then and Now

Carpet cleaning back in the day was a novelty. Not much was known about it. The first professional carpet cleaners would do their best with what they had. Back in those days people took pride in their work and gave you a honest effort. The carpets were cleaned, with what they learned through trial and error, that worked. They did not have the understanding of cause and effect back then.

Carpet makers themselves changed the way they made carpets through the same process. They would experiment with different fibers and techniques to make a product that would last.

Now the carpets are made from many different kinds of fibers and blends of fibers along with science to provide people with what they are asking for. Although the one thing they can not make is a carpet that cleans itself. They use products and engineering on their carpets that make them stain resistant so you feel safer when that glass of wine or milk spills. These products only last for so long though. Usually with in one year they are starting to wear away and your carpet is starting to show more soil than you would like.

The old saying was, wait as long as you can before you get your carpet cleaning done because it will get soiled faster afterwards. Back then this was true. The cleaners that the carpet cleaning companies were using were rough and left a residue on your carpet that would attract the soil and dirt faster. Your vacuum was not as good as they are today and they did not do half of what the ones today can do.

Today carpet cleaning companies like Smart Choice Cleaning are using cleaners that do not leave a residue on your carpet. The new cleaners are diverse and if used by the right company in the proper manner produce amazing results.

Carpet Cleaning Is Not The Same For Every Carpet

carpet cleaning samplesNot all carpets are created equal. At your local carpet store there are choices upon choices for you to choose from. This is just this years samples. Next year there will be more and the next year there will even be more choices. Carpet cleaning should not be the same for each of these carpets. They are made differently. From fibers, styles, color, prints, and the list goes on. No one wonder cleaner can clean all of these and be successful. Smart carpet cleaning companies know this and use the proper cleaner for your carpet and the proper cleaner for you unique soiling condition. Way to many companies make the choice to only use one type of cleaner on all carpets. It might be a safe cleaner, but is it really the right safe cleaner.

Smart Choice Cleaning uses what will clean your carpet the best at the same time keeping your carpet safe for you and your family. We inspect your carpet before we ever begin so we can choose the right product that is going to make you smile. After all, not only are we cleaning your carpets but we are making your home healthy.

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