Odor Removal From Your Carpet Good And Bad

Odor Removal From Your Carpet Good And Bad

Odor Removal From Your Carpet

Odor removal from your carpet can be a difficult process. There are so many products on the market that will promise you the world andodor removal from your carpet deliver not much more than a short break from the odor. They are what we call masking agents. Disguising the odor with a scent or odor of their own. When their odor wears away, you are stuck with your original problem. This usually happens with in 1 to 2 weeks. You can end up spending more money to keep the odors covered by these products than just getting them taken care of properly.

The worst odors are usually pet urine odors. In the warmer months you will smell them more. Urine never really completely dries. What they due is form salt crystals that trap in ammonia gas. When you have those warm humid days the moisture in the air reacts with these salt crystals and releases the ammonia gas which is the odor that you associate with urine. Pet owners of cats and dogs face most sorts of these problems are people with smaller pets such as abyssinian guinea pig, hamster and rabbits can keep the surroundings of their home clean merely by keeping these small pets in cages.

Home Made Products For Odor Removal From Your Carpet

Everyone I have ever talked to that has told me about all the remedies that they read online. The ones that have tried them all have said the same thing. If they did work it was short lived. Most though said it did nothing. I have looked into a lot of them and found most of the ingredients should never be put into your carpet in the first place. Things like dish soap will only remain in your carpet and attract dirt making a secondary problem of attracting soil. So now you have a spot on your carpet and the smell is still there. Not really a good solution. Another ingredient is baking powder which is usually a good thing to absorb odor. Not really good for Odor Removal From Your Carpet though. And not really good against urine. Like I said it is the salt crystal that is activated by moisture. So if baking powder might try to help what is in the air at that moment. But the next wave of odor to be released it is all used up. Not to mention you now have powder sitting in your carpet with moisture which turns into a paste in your carpet.

Store Bought Products For Odor Removal From Your Carpet

I have come across so many people that have spent so much money on these products that they could of just bought a new carpet and yet they still had the same problem that they started with. A lot of these products will use a odor that you may like to over power the odor you do not want and will last 1 to 2 weeks. We call these masking agents since they really do not remove or contain the odor. They more a less hide the odor for a time.

What Can You Do For Odor Removal From Your Carpet

So your pet left urine in your carpet. How much urine did your pet leave you? How quickly did you respond to the urine? Urine not only can be in your carpet, but it could be in your padding as well. If your pet has been doing it a while and really leaves you a lot it could of soaked into the padding and even worse yet soaked into the sub floor or concrete. If they were by a wall it could of gone into your molding strip that runs along your floor. As you can now see it can get very involved. More than just what a store product or a home made product could ever hope to do for the odor removal from your carpet. It is time for a professional to help you asses your situation. I know that this sounds expensive but at Smart Choice Cleaning, we never charge you to take a look and give you our professional opinion. It is called being a good neighbor. There is never a charge or obligation to get a evaluation form the professionals at Smart Choice Cleaning.

We have had so much success with odors that we are recommended by our customers all the time. We are also on Angie’s list with a A rating.

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