Carpet Cleaning Concord, Ohio

Carpet Cleaning Concord, Ohio

Smart Choice Cleaning is the key to great carpet cleaning Concord, Ohio.-The old saying holds true, you get what you pay for. Many other companies so they can do high volumes of work use short cuts in the cleaning process to achieve them. These short cuts in turn put you and your family’s health at risk.

Let me explain how these short cuts could hurt your carpet and then put you and your family’s health at risk. We will post different things over the coming week that some other companies are doing to cut corners to save time and not get your carpet as thoroughly cleaned as it should be.

Part 3

We touched on part 3 in part 2 but now it is we will explain more of where a lot of companies cut corners.

A lot of companies  first of all pay their technicians very little money to go into your home and to clean your carpet. Usually they get a bunch of young kids for this. They will teach them how to sell add on services and products. They show them the basics of cleaning and show them the more they sell you or the faster they go the more money they will make.

Today I want to touch on the companies that have their techs move faster to cut a corner. Ever have your floor wet for 1,2, or more days after a cleaning. That was a technician moving to fast and not extracting the amount of water and cleaning solution he was able to. It follows the same principle as in part 1 with the vacuum cleaner, the slower you move the more you will pick up. The technician is in a hurry because for him to make any living at all he has to move as fast as possible and get to the next house. This is why a proper cleaning company charges a fair rate but takes the time to work on the extra things and remove as much of the moisture as they can before they leave your home. If he/she does not get the moisture and it takes more than 48-72 hours, then mold can start to grow and then you are talking about replacing the carpet. It is important for the carpet to get dry for your own safety.

At Smart Choice Cleaning we take the time to make sure it is done right. We won’t cut corners. Your carpets should just about be dry to the touch when we leave your home. Between our knowledge and the state of the art equipment that we use, you can’t go wrong with calling Smart Choice Cleaning for carpet cleaning in Concord, Ohio.

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