Carpet Cleaning Russell, Ohio

Carpet Cleaning Russell, Ohio

For carpet cleaning in Russell, Ohio , Smart choice Cleaning is the the premiere carpet and upholstery cleaner.

The old saying holds true, you get what you pay for. Many other companies so they can do high volumes of work use short cuts in the cleaning process to achieve them. These short cuts in turn put you and your family’s health at risk.

Let me explain how these short cuts could hurt your carpet and then put you and your family’s health at risk. We will post different things over the coming week that some other companies are doing to cut corners to save time and not get your carpet as thoroughly cleaned as it should be.

Part 2

A lot of companies skip preconditioning the carpet which is where the cleaning solution is supposed to be applied to the carpet. Instead they have injected to the water they are suppose to be rinsing with. 2 examples to show this isn’t the proper way to clean are.

  1. Would you have your washing machine run on only rinse when you need the clothes to be clean and have the detergent mix with the rinse water as not to rinse the detergent from your clothes but add it to your clothes.
  2. When washing dishes at home with out a dishwasher would you have a sink of dish liquid and water and run your cups through it scrubbing it and then set it up on the rack to dry with out rinsing it first.

As you can see by the 2 examples above, they are leaving cleaning solution in your carpet. Cleaning solution in your carpet does a couple of things. Your carpet can start to feel crunchy or more still. Your carpet is also now prone to rapid re-soiling.  The rapid re-soiling is from the detergent cleaning the bottom of your feet.

There is another problem with putting the detergent in the rinse. This is that the rinse part of the cleaning lasts for a split second and the detergent does not have enough time to effectively do its job.

I have a cousin that effectively proved this point to his boss right before he got fired (for proving the boss wrong). He preconditioned half of the office before the tech arrived and didn’t tell the tech. He then told the tech to clean the office before he went on his route. It took the tech some time and when he came back he was puzzled, he stated that no matter how hard he scrubbed he couldn’t get the one half of the office to be as clean as the other half. The half that was cleaner was the half my cousin had preconditioned earlier.

Preconditioning the carpet is essential to a thorough cleaning.

At Smart Choice Cleaning we always precondition any carpet we are going to clean to ensure your complete and total satisfaction

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