Carpet Cleaning Lake County Ohio

Carpet Cleaning Lake County Ohio

Carpet Cleaning Lake County Ohio –  Lake County,Ohio residents, Carpet cleaning is not a commodity that you should look for the lowest or most expensive price.

You need to look beyond the price and determine if the carpet cleaning person is going to care and treat your carpet how it should be treated. Look at what they are offering in there service and what if they offer it at all is extra.

Every carpet that gets cleaned should by the technician get pre-vacuumed. This has fallen by the way side for most carpet cleaners and is a very important step in the cleaning process. The technician should take long slow motion to remove as much loose particles that they can before starting your carpet extraction.

Then you should always have your carpet pre-conditioned to loosen the rest of the soil before extraction. Some carpet cleaners cut this out as well or charge you a extra fee to do this. They would rather put a solution in there rinse water to clean your carpet and save them time which also could leave you with residue in your carpet. Residue in you carpet can and will attract dirt and your carpet will need cleaning much sooner than if it was not there. Not to mention if they leave a high PH in your carpet that if you are perspiring and lay down on you carpet could agitate your skin and give you a rash.

They should always thoroughly rinse your carpet either with clear water or water and a rinse agent. Either way will remove any residue and lower your PH level.

Depending on the carpet after everything else is done and before they leave the technician should groom your carpet fibers for you. This helps to keep your carpets fiber from being permanently crushed and also helps the carpet to dry faster. Again sadly this is another practice that most carpet cleaners have gotten away from to save them time so they can go make a buck somewhere else.

I love what I do. I care about what I do.

Make sure the next person you get to take care of your carpet cares about your carpet too. Don’t forget you spent a great deal of money on the carpet and it will cost even more to replace it. By taking care of the carpet you can get the full use of the life of the carpet.

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