Carpet Cleaner In Eastlake, Ohio’s Bad Ad

Carpet Cleaner In Eastlake, Ohio’s Bad Ad

Carpet Cleaner In Eastlake, Ohio’s Bad Ad –¬† I recently came across a article/advertisement in the Eastlake Gazette that is miss leading if not right completely preposterous.

They claimed that what ever you could put into a carpet they could take back out. There are many different kinds of stains, with many different ways to remove them from the carpet. Then add the fact there are many different kinds and types of carpets. Most people can look at their carpet and determine if it is Plush or Berber which are styles of carpet. Then it breaks down to what is the carpet fiber made of, could be organic or synthetic. All the combination of these things contribute to what method should be used to remove the stain.

Then there are stains that are actually dye’s. Dye’s bring up a whole new set of problems. Is the dye suspended or is it set. Set dye’s can not be removed. You can bleach and recolor¬† your carpet or cut stain out and repair carpet.

It is Carpet cleaners that give miss leading info to consumers to better their sales that really bothers me. I would want to be told honestly then miss lead.

I am a IICRC Certified Technician. I have studied many hours and have been gone through an examination to ensure that I have the knowledge and understanding to correctly diagnose and treat your carpet.

You made a investment when you purchased your carpet. Let us protect your investment.

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