Part Two, Carpet Cleaning Willoughby Ohio 44094

Why Get Your Carpet Cleaning Willoughby Ohio 44094

carpet cleaning willoughby ohio 44094Carpet Cleaning Willoughby Ohio 44094 is part two in a series by Smart Choice Cleaning that gives you knowledge in why it really is so important to get your carpets cleaned. What are the things you do to keep your carpet cleaned.

Last time we talked about things that go in your carpet and about how effective vacuuming is alone. How protector can help your vacuum get more out of your carpet. These are all very important things to know and understand to bring better health to you and your family. This time we are going to talk about the next step that many people take in trying to get there carpets cleaned them selves.

Industries have come out with these home steam machines or mini shampooers. What these things really are is a small version of  on that you would rent in the store. Some of them do have heated water but it really does not get that hot. First off these things are not the end all solution to cleaning your carpet as they would have you believe. They are good to get up a spot as soon as it happens. They are good to help pull a spilled drink from the carpet. They are good as a maintenance cleaning device. Vacuuming as we talked about last time can only get so much out of your carpet. These little steam machines can get a little more.  They are basically a half powered machine next to the ones that you can rent from some rental places or stores.

The machines you can rent from the stores are ok to help with maintenance. They will take out some soil from your carpet. They will still leave plenty of it behind in you carpet cleaning Willoughby Ohio 44094. The cleaning solutions that you can buy from the stores are very diluted. They want to make them as safe for consumers as possible. So their product when a consumer uses it wrong will not damage things. This is just one more reason why you have never been able to get your carpets as clean on your own as you do when a true professional cleans.

All these machines are good or at least a help in keep up the maintenance of your carpet.  All you really need though is the vacuum and the right carpet cleaning person. A person or company that has the knowledge and is certified which will help you keep the warranty on your carpet. We will talk more about that in another part three of this series.

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Pet Odor Willoughby Ohio

Pet Odor Willoughby Ohio

Pet Odor Willoughby Ohio can get very bad for you in these summer months. You see things that have odor like urine and just pet dander or hair can produce an strong odor when heated by the summer temperatures and then with the humidity that we get here in Lake county Ohio.

You could go the rest of the year and sometimes never smell it or smell it a lot less. In the summer time it gets really strong and you think that there is nothing you can do but go buy spray products at the store and keep applying it. Most of the items that you buy at the store are what we call a perfume. A perfume is a spray that gives you a great smelling odor strong enough to over power your senses to smell it rather than the actual odor that you were having the problem with. This is great for the day or up to 2 weeks but then has to be applied again to mask the odor.

Masking the odor is never the way to go unless you are planning to get rid of the affected item very shortly. At Smart Choice Cleaning pet odor Willoughby Ohiowe not only clean the affected area that is in your carpet or upholstery but we treat the area with a product that will remove the odor that you are smelling. We are not ever going to just try and cover up a odor and have it reappear in a week or two. The products that we use are specially designed to mix with the source of the odor, not cover it up. We have had clients call this our miracle product. That they have tried everything before and were about to get rid of their carpet or furniture before they called us. Afterwards they were delighted in the results even after weeks.

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Furniture Cleaning Willoughby Ohio

Furniture Cleaning Willoughby Ohio

furniture cleaning willoughby ohioWhen you want your Carpet or Furniture cleaning Willoughby Ohio done right the first time. Make the Smart Choice with Smart Choice Cleaning. We understand what your furniture needs to look and feel its very best. There are so many different kinds of upholstery that furniture is made of and so many different ways to achieve the best results. There is not just one method of cleaning that does it all. At Smart Choice Cleaning we can help you choose what method is best for the upholstery on your furniture.

Furniture upholstery can be made of  synthetic fibers like nylon, acrylic, and polyester. It can also be made of natural fibers like cotton. Then there is animal skin like Leather. We first determine what you upholstery is made of and how soiled it has become to come up with the best solution to make it look its best.

How long would you wait to change the sheets on your bed?

Really, how long would you wait? You change your sheets because your skin is rubbing up against it and you want a clean feeling in your bed. Your furniture is no different expect that the fabric is attached to the furniture. Your furniture’s upholstery is made of fibers like your sheets are. They may just be arranged in a different way.  You sit down, lay down and yes even sometimes stand on your furniture. You may even spill things on it. I am sure at some time and for some most of the time your skin is touching your furniture. See how furniture upholstery  really is not  any different then your sheets on your bed. They may be a little stronger and able to repel some soiling unlike sheets but that just means they don’t need to be cleaned quite as often. But they still need to be cleaned. Furniture upholstery is also like your carpet. When soil is left in place and you keep using it the soil will act like sandpaper and and start wearing at the fibers causing early wear that can become very unsightly. Your Furniture Cleaning Willoughby Ohio should not be left to someone who does not understand what the fiber really needs. That is why Smart Choice Cleaning is the Smartest Choice you can make. Let the professionals save you the money so that you don’t need to buy new furniture more often than is needed. Think o how nice it will feel, smell, and look after Smart Choice Cleaning has revitalized your furniture’s upholstery.

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Carpet Cleaning 44094

carpet cleaning 44094Carpet Cleaning 44094 – Smart Choice Cleaning is the most valued carpet cleaner in Willoughby, Ohio. You can not find a better carpet and upholstery cleaner in Lake County Ohio. Your search is over with Smart Choice Cleaning. We offer the most value for your hard earned dollar.

The owner of Smart Choice Cleaning lived in Willoughby, Ohio in his younger years, attending Thomas Edison Elementary School. This city is so unique. It has everything that you could want in a city. From fine restaurants to spacious yards. Your carpet cleaning 44094 should not be any different.

Have you ever thought when wanting your carpet cleaned that they all do the same thing and just pick who ever answered their phone or had the cheapest price? I am hear to tell you that there is huge glaring differences in the cleaning companies that are in your area. Its best to do your homework before your next carpet cleaning. At Smart Choice Cleaning we take your hard earned dollar seriously for carpet cleaning 44094. We know that it took a lot to make that dollar and you should get the most out of it.  Charging extra for what some of the others call extra is not what you deserve.  The price may be low at the base but rises as you add on the little things for carpet cleaning 44094.

Here are some examples for carpet cleaning 44094.

  • pre-vacuuming –  Smart Choice includes this service since it is important to a quality cleaning…. Other companies think you should take care of this yourself and it wastes their time to get to the next job. Some companies will do this if you ask but they will normally charge you extra.
  • pre-conditioning – Smart Choice includes this service since it is how to properly clean a carpet…… Other companies think that it is an extra step that eats up time from getting to their next job. They would rather run the cleaning solution through their machine, it’s faster for them. Would you put your laundry detergent in the rinse cycle of your washing machine for your clothes and expect them to be clean? Same thing here.  Again some companies will pre-condition but at a extra charge.
  • Agitation – Smart Choice includes this since it is another important step in removing stubborn soil….. Other companies think again that the bit of soil they pull out is good enough. for them it is more important to get to the next job. Again your washing machine for your clothes has a agitation device.
  • Grooming the fibers – Smart Choice includes this service to lift your fibers up which allows faster drying and adds resiliency back to your carpet….. Other companies think its just one more thing that gets in the way of getting to their next job.

Carpet cleaning 44094 – In Willoughby you deserve more now get it with Smart Choice Cleaning.

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carpet cleaning 44094

Willoughby Ohio Carpet Cleaner

Willoughby Ohio Carpet Cleaner

Willoughby Ohio Carpet Cleaner Smart Choice Cleaning is the premiere carpet cleaner in Northeast Ohio. When you are looking for a carpet cleaner in Willoughby Ohio, you want to hire a cleaner that has a can do attitude. Knowledge to make the can do happen. Equipment that will do the job properly. Great customer service.  Smart Choice Cleaning has all of that and more.

Willoughby Ohio carpet cleanerWe at Smart Choice Cleaning have come up with a list of things that you should look for when hiring your next Willoughby Ohio carpet cleaner.

  1. Does your Willoughby Ohio carpet cleaner offer t0 pre vacuum your carpet before they clean?  Most carpet cleaning companies have gotten away from this to save them self time so they get do more jobs in the day. This is a very important step in the cleaning process and should not be overlooked. The purpose to pre vacuuming is to remove all loose particles that it can so the cleaning solution goes straight to work on the soil that is not readily released. With out this process the cleaning solution tries to work on even the loose particles and doesn’t work as well on the stubborn ares because it has lost some strength working on the loose particles.
  2. Does your Willoughby Ohio carpet cleaner apply the cleaning solution to the carpet before hand and allow a dwell time? If the company runs the cleaning solution through their machine, it only has a split second to work on the soil in your carpet.  Would you put laundry detergent in your rinse cycle of your washing machine? No, that wouldn’t give it enough time to clean and would leave detergent in your clothes. Same thing with a carpet. After all a carpet is a fiber just like your clothing.
  3. Does your Willoughby Ohio carpet cleaner agitate the carpet after applying the cleaning solution? Your washing machine agitates your clothes after you put the laundry detergent in. Only makes sense right. It is just another thing some companies have gotten away from to save time so they can move on to the next job. Want a Willoughby Ohio carpet cleaner that does?
  4. After extracting with clear hot water or rinse agent do they groom your carpet if it is a plush carpet? They are suppose to groom any carpet that is not a Berber or tight nit carpet. Grooming is using a tool that lifts the fiber back up so that is dries faster and gives more resiliency to the fiber. Again many companies have gotten away from this practice since it takes a few more minutes and that is time they could be on another job.
  5. When they come into your home do they protect your home as they work? They should be using corner guards that protect any corners that their hoses may go around. They should be using a blanket or cover of some kind to protect your floors that their equipment or they are crossing over to safeguard against scratches burns or just from bringing in dirt to areas that is not being cleaned.
  6. Are their cleaning technicians IICRC certified? The firm could be certified but that can only mean that one person went to class and took the exam. Make sure that the technician that comes to your home is the one that is certified. To check this you can ask the technician when he or she arrives to see their IICRC certification card which they are suppose to carry with them. IICRC certified is very important since most of the carpet manufactures have added that your carpets must be cleaned by IICRC certified cleaners in order to keep your warranty.

Your Willoughby Ohio carpet cleaner Smart Choice Cleaning is yes to the above questions, how about the other companies?

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Carpet Cleaning Tip Willoughby, OH

vacuuming picToday’s carpet cleaning tip Willoughby, OH  and surrounding cities such as Eastlake, 44095 , Mentor,44060, Wickliffe, 44092 and so on.

I am often asked, How often should we vacuum your carpet?

My answer varies for each house hold.

Rule of thumb is one day a week for every living being in house. So if you have 2 adults and 2 kids and a dog, that would be 5 days a week that you should vacuum. Again this is a rule of thumb, some people and animals are in their houses more than others.

At Smart Choice Cleaning we want all of our clients to be thoroughly happy all year round with their carpets. That is why Smart Choice Cleaning offers Carpet Cleaning Tip Willoughby, OH.

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Carpet Cleaning Willoughby, Ohio 44094

girl&dogoncarpetCarpet Cleaning Willoughby, Ohio 44094 – Getting your carpet cleaned a min. of once a year is needed to extend the life of your carpet and as well as it looking nice. Carpet is a great investment as long as you take care of it. It acts like a filter for the air you breath and insulates the floor for you. Your carpet cost a lot of money but needs to be taken care of so it can take care of you.

Your carpet takes care of you and only asks that you take care of it.  Vacuuming is a great way to keep the soil down and help with your carpets health. At least once a year you should have your carpet cleaned by a professional. A IICRC certified Technician is the professional. They are not someone that just bought a machine and called themselves professional. They took the time to go trough school and get educated. Not only that but they have to keep up their education to remain being certified.

Smart Choice Cleaning you will always get a IICRC certified Technician.

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Question Willoughby, Ohio

Question Willoughby, Ohio  I was asked a question that I have been asked so many times. I was in Willoughby, Ohio today and received a question about how often should someone  have their carpet cleaned. The answer to the question is first to figure out how much is the carpet used. In other words, how much foot traffic do you have? The first rule we go by is what most carpet manufactures recommend, which is at least once a year. Notice the words, at least, in that sentence. They use them because it depends on the foot traffic,spills, stains, and other dirt issues. So the best answer I can give on this subject without seeing it and knowing your conditions is. When you see that it getting dirty and the vacuum isn’t getting it up. If there is a smell from the carpet. Or if it has been about a year since your last carpet cleaning water extraction (steam cleaning). If any of those are the case I would say it is time. Besides the yearly cleaning there is no clear cut answer to how often you need to get your carpet cleaned. I know people that clean there carpet every 3 months and others that clean it once a year. If though you have any questions about a problem with your carpet and want to know if its ready.

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Question Willoughby, Ohio