Pet Odor Willoughby Ohio

Pet Odor Willoughby Ohio

Pet Odor Willoughby Ohio

Pet Odor Willoughby Ohio can get very bad for you in these summer months. You see things that have odor like urine and just pet dander or hair can produce an strong odor when heated by the summer temperatures and then with the humidity that we get here in Lake county Ohio.

You could go the rest of the year and sometimes never smell it or smell it a lot less. In the summer time it gets really strong and you think that there is nothing you can do but go buy spray products at the store and keep applying it. Most of the items that you buy at the store are what we call a perfume. A perfume is a spray that gives you a great smelling odor strong enough to over power your senses to smell it rather than the actual odor that you were having the problem with. This is great for the day or up to 2 weeks but then has to be applied again to mask the odor.

Masking the odor is never the way to go unless you are planning to get rid of the affected item very shortly. At Smart Choice Cleaning pet odor Willoughby Ohiowe not only clean the affected area that is in your carpet or upholstery but we treat the area with a product that will remove the odor that you are smelling. We are not ever going to just try and cover up a odor and have it reappear in a week or two. The products that we use are specially designed to mix with the source of the odor, not cover it up. We have had clients call this our miracle product. That they have tried everything before and were about to get rid of their carpet or furniture before they called us. Afterwards they were delighted in the results even after weeks.

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