Willoughby Ohio Carpet Cleaner

Willoughby Ohio Carpet Cleaner

Willoughby Ohio Carpet Cleaner

Willoughby Ohio Carpet Cleaner Smart Choice Cleaning is the premiere carpet cleaner in Northeast Ohio. When you are looking for a carpet cleaner in Willoughby Ohio, you want to hire a cleaner that has a can do attitude. Knowledge to make the can do happen. Equipment that will do the job properly. Great customer service.  Smart Choice Cleaning has all of that and more.

Willoughby Ohio carpet cleanerWe at Smart Choice Cleaning have come up with a list of things that you should look for when hiring your next Willoughby Ohio carpet cleaner.

  1. Does your Willoughby Ohio carpet cleaner offer t0 pre vacuum your carpet before they clean?  Most carpet cleaning companies have gotten away from this to save them self time so they get do more jobs in the day. This is a very important step in the cleaning process and should not be overlooked. The purpose to pre vacuuming is to remove all loose particles that it can so the cleaning solution goes straight to work on the soil that is not readily released. With out this process the cleaning solution tries to work on even the loose particles and doesn’t work as well on the stubborn ares because it has lost some strength working on the loose particles.
  2. Does your Willoughby Ohio carpet cleaner apply the cleaning solution to the carpet before hand and allow a dwell time? If the company runs the cleaning solution through their machine, it only has a split second to work on the soil in your carpet.  Would you put laundry detergent in your rinse cycle of your washing machine? No, that wouldn’t give it enough time to clean and would leave detergent in your clothes. Same thing with a carpet. After all a carpet is a fiber just like your clothing.
  3. Does your Willoughby Ohio carpet cleaner agitate the carpet after applying the cleaning solution? Your washing machine agitates your clothes after you put the laundry detergent in. Only makes sense right. It is just another thing some companies have gotten away from to save time so they can move on to the next job. Want a Willoughby Ohio carpet cleaner that does?
  4. After extracting with clear hot water or rinse agent do they groom your carpet if it is a plush carpet? They are suppose to groom any carpet that is not a Berber or tight nit carpet. Grooming is using a tool that lifts the fiber back up so that is dries faster and gives more resiliency to the fiber. Again many companies have gotten away from this practice since it takes a few more minutes and that is time they could be on another job.
  5. When they come into your home do they protect your home as they work? They should be using corner guards that protect any corners that their hoses may go around. They should be using a blanket or cover of some kind to protect your floors that their equipment or they are crossing over to safeguard against scratches burns or just from bringing in dirt to areas that is not being cleaned.
  6. Are their cleaning technicians IICRC certified? The firm could be certified but that can only mean that one person went to class and took the exam. Make sure that the technician that comes to your home is the one that is certified. To check this you can ask the technician when he or she arrives to see their IICRC certification card which they are suppose to carry with them. IICRC certified is very important since most of the carpet manufactures have added that your carpets must be cleaned by IICRC certified cleaners in order to keep your warranty.

Your Willoughby Ohio carpet cleaner Smart Choice Cleaning is yes to the above questions, how about the other companies?

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