Why Your Work Place Needs A Great Janitorial Service

Why Your Work Place Needs A Great Janitorial Service

Why Is a great janitorial service needed

great Janitorial serviceA great janitorial service is an often overlooked solution to support improved workplace productivity is maintaining a high level of cleanliness within the company, through both traditional and new green practices. Not only are employees typically more productive in a cleaned working space, they can also benefit from a reduced frequency of office illnesses through consistent, quality cleaning procedures.

Office cleanliness by a great janitorial service like Smart Choice Cleaning can help create a healthier workplace with the following benefits:

It has been shown that an unclean workplace can lead to higher levels of stress and illness among your office workers.

  • Less Workplace-related Illnesses: An office that provides a clean workplace supports workers to maximize their full potential.
  • Less Sick Days: Offices harbor germs covering a wide array of surfaces that cause workers to take an average of at least seven sick days per year, which can be decreased by implementing a cleaning program that prevents germs from spreading.
  • Focused Work: Ensuring that workspaces are clean and clear has the potential to reduce stress levels and allow workers to focus more intently on their tasks at hand.
  • Reducing¬† Allergens: This is especially true for the nearly 1 in 3 employees who say they have allergies that are aggravated by something in the workplace.

great janitorial serviceA great janitorial service is very much needed but sometimes they are hard to find. Sure there are a lot of companies that call themselves janitorial services. These companies will sometimes pay and hire staff that are not motivated. This leads to things that you and your company do not want to have the hassle of dealing with. Such as no shows, theft, and damage.

At Smart Choice Cleaning we are a company that is family-owned and operated. We pay and treat our staff well. We also hold them accountable. They also are all Americans (English is the first language). We have never had a theft, damage or a no show in the entire life of the company. To us a great janitorial service is much more than just the cleaning. It is about the client and servicing there needs so that they have a few less things to worry about.



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