What You Should Expect Of your Carpet Cleaner Solon Ohio

What You Should Expect Of your Carpet Cleaner Solon Ohio

What You Should Expect Of your carpet cleaner solon ohio

Your carpet cleaner solon ohio should be held to high standards. At Smart Choice Cleaning we strive to meet those standards and gocarpet cleaner Solon Ohio beyond.

When you place a order to get your carpet cleaned you are expecting a professional to arrive at your home or business that has the knowledge and skill to provide a very thorough carpet cleaning. Unfortunately there are companies out there that send someone that really has no idea of what they are doing. They were never properly trained and treat every carpet the same way. Smart Choice Cleaning your carpet cleaner in Solon Ohio always has a IICRC certified technician at every cleaning.

IICRC certified technician means that they went through extensive training and testing. They also have to continue to receive training with continuing education. They also must follow a code of ethics and cleaning standards for your home or office.

IICRC certified Firms are companies where at least the owner has gone through the IICRC process but does not mean the technician that comes to your home or office is certified. It just means that the owner has promised to eventually get their technicians trained.

When searching for a carpet cleaner in Solon Ohio and you are looking for IICRC certified. Always ask for a IICRC certified technician.

Smart Choice Cleaning is your preferred carpet cleaner Solon Ohio

With Smart Choice Cleaning, not only do you get a certified technician in your home or office.

  • unmatched customer service
  • most thorough carpet cleaning you have ever had.
  • The knowledge and experience of over 28 years in the industry
  • A High powered van unit
  • A BBB accredited member
  • A company that only uses the highest quality cleaning solutions made.
  • We are open 7 days a week. If you need us on a specific day we will do everything in our power to be there that day.

Check out our Consumer information page that we have on our website just to keep you informed. We believe that a client that is aware will always choose Smart Choice Cleaning over the others simply because we are the Smart Choice.

Not only are we open 7 days a week but we even try to fit in a clients that need same day service. It all about you the client at Smart Choice Cleaning.

Today, make Smart Choice Cleaning, your carpet cleaner Solon Ohio.





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