Part Three Carpet Cleaning Painesville Ohio

Part Three Carpet Cleaning Painesville Ohio

Carpet Cleaning Painesville Ohio

carpet cleaning painesville ohioCarpet Cleaning Painesville Ohio. Last time We talked about what those carpet cleaning machines you buy or rent can do for your carpet. That they are good for general light maintenance but still can not get out what the true professional carpet cleaner can. Regardless of their claims on television. Sure your carpets might look clean, but that really is just because they cleaned the top portion of your carpet. They do not get the soil deep in your carpet that can affect the wear of your carpet. Also from my clients that have them have told me that they leave your carpet wet for a while.  Granted there are so called professionals that leave your carpet wet for a long time afterward as well. They really are not professionals. With a professional carpet cleaning Painesville Ohio they will be almost dry to the touch before the technician leaves or in some cases dry by the time they leave.

Many people think that a wet carpet is the norm for getting your carpet cleaning Painesville Ohio. While it is true that we use water in our process and there it does get your carpet wet. It is how you get it wet and what you do to remove the water that is the difference. At Smart Choice Cleaning we use the water heated up to 240 degrees which is hotter than boiling. This aides in the drying process since hot water will dry faster than cold. A good example is steam. Which is why it is commonly referred to as steam cleaning. Also by the technician taking the time to extract as much of the moisture as possible. We use a very powerful van unit that extracts a great deal of this moisture and we take extra passes to make sure we are removing as much as possible. Non professionals or others think that the quicker they get done the quicker they can get to the next cleaning job. Smart Choice Cleaning takes the time that you and your carpet deserve to produce the best results for carpet cleaning Painesville Ohio. On very humid days even this may not be enough to get your carpet as dry as it should be. This is why if needed or requested we will use a very high powered blower that blows down on your carpet in a 360 degree circle. Normally this can dry a 12 x 12 room in about 5-20 minutes.

Did you know that the cleaners that you get from the store for your machine or one that you can rent are actually very weak. By average compared to what a true professional uses it is only 25% of the strength. So you could say that it only gets it 25% of the clean. The cleaning solution is very important. It is what helps loosen the soil and raise it up for extraction. At Smart Choice Cleaning we only use the top of the line when it comes to products in your home or business. We also make sure that everything we use is completely safe for your pets and your family. We are family owned and operated and know the importance of safe products. We also offer green cleaning for those of you that want to take the safety a step further in your carpet cleaning Painesville Ohio.

Did you know that your carpet looses its warranty if it is not professionally cleaned every 18-24 months. Most warranties out today are also stating that it needs to be by a IICRC certified technician. All technicians at Smart Choice Cleaning are IICRC certified. Also the protector that the carpet manufacturer applied to your carpet before you purchased it only lasts for up to a year. Over the course of the 1st year you owned your carpet and used it, the protector wears away. It needs to be cleaned and have the protector reapplied by a professional.

I hope that this series has helped you understand your carpet in your home much better. Your carpet is great at keeping your air indoor air quality the best it can be but it does need to be professionally cleaned to be able to do its job properly and last you a very long time.

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