Best Value Carpet Cleaning Eastlake, Ohio

Best Value Carpet Cleaning Eastlake, Ohio

logoSmart Choice Cleaning is the best value carpet cleaning Eastlake, Ohio 44095. With over 28 years experience and knowledge, we are able to give you the best carpet cleaning you have ever had.

2012 was a great year for Smart Choice Cleaning. We reached our goal for 2012 and we were able to give back to the community. Not only did we provide exceptional service for our ever increasing client base but we were able to use some of what we made to make it possible to help out people in the area .

  • We help sponsor Eastlake, Ohio’s youth summer swim team.
  • We provided carpet cleaning to some needy people who were living in unhealthy conditions. They could not afford to hire a carpet cleaning company so we provided it free of charge to improve their conditions.
  • We also were able to donate a free carpet cleaning to a church with a lot of carpet. We provided it just in time for Christmas.
  • We donated funds to different organizations that help out people in different ways.

A big Thank you goes out to all of our clients in 2012 for helping us help others. Through your patronage we were able to do so much.

In 2013 we are hoping to do so much more. Know that when you hire Smart Choice Cleaning your not only getting a great and thorough cleaning but you are helping others.

At Smart Choice Cleaning in 2012 we were also able to purchase a new machine and a newer van. These are great tools that will help us serve our clients even better than before. The new machine is state of the art in carpet and upholstery cleaning. We also in 2012 started to give out with every cleaning a free bottle of Spot Out. Our clients for years have been asking what they could safely use on their carpets to take out spots in between their normal cleanings. We found something safe and effective in Spot Out. We do also sell extra bottles that some people have given as gifts.

Looking forward to seeing you in 2013 from Smart Choice Cleaning in Eastlake, Ohio 44095




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