Carpet Cleaners Lake County, Ohio

Carpet Cleaners Lake County, Ohio

Smart Choice Cleaning are the carpet cleaners Lake County, Ohio  that go above and beyond


Time is going by so fast. Thanksgiving and Christmas are already around the corner. Mom’s, Dad’s, Aunt’s, Uncle’s are all going to be coming over for their family visits.

The choice you keep looking at is, do I get the carpet cleaned before or after.  Don’t you wish you could get it cleaned so it looked and smelled nice for your family but put a plastic cloth over it so you could protect it from your family?

Smart Choice Cleaning to the rescue.

At Smart Choice Cleaning not only do you get the best carpet cleaning you have ever had but you can get your carpet protected from spots, stains, and wear with our carpet protection.  Not only that but our carpet protection even makes vacuuming more effective to keep your carpet cleaner even longer.

Most companies would stop there. At Smart Choice Cleaning we go above and beyond in everything that we do! When a client of ours purchases carpet protector we don’t just apply it. We apply the carpet protector and give you a guarantee as well.

Our Guarantee.

If you get a spot or stain that the free bottle of spot out that we left you with does not easily take out. Up to 2 times in 6 months after the application, we will come to your house and take care of the spot or stain free of charge. If we can’t get it out, you get your purchase price for the carpet protector back for the area/room that has the spot or stain.  How simple is that? Carpet protection with a guarantee.

Call today to schedule your free carpet evaluation.

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