Forget Call Today

Forget Call Today

Did you forget call today to get your 50% off your carpet and upholstery cleaning. You have to call today before 7pm to get 50% off.  We never give away 50%. For our level of service it is unheard of. But we wanted to do it just this one time. We have already had the phones ringing today but there is still room on the calendar. Check out this earlier blog  to get all the details. Isn’t your family worth getting the carpets cleaned. Your carpet is a filter and needs to be cleaned so it can continue to do its job properly. Did you forget call today.  Forgetting to call today will cost you more money later. Time is of the essence.

If you have been holding off waiting for the right moment, this is it! Time to get that carpet cleaned and save a lot of money in the process. Your carpet is begging you to call and now is the best time.

If you keep forgetting about scheduling then today is your lucky day.prowand

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