A customers Review

A customers Review

A customers Review – Received a letter from a customer that we recently cleaned her carpet in Wickliffe, Ohio. I just wanted to share it in my blog until I can get my referals up on my web page.

What you used while cleaning and raking my carpet gave it the new life look, just like when I got it years ago. All other persons who did carpet before went so fast plus when it dried the middle where one walks was different from the sides all around the carpet. This was so blended it was amazing as i know what it looked like after all washes. This was the most amazing! They all said it was old but to be so flat and different wasn’t what I saw with your work.  Thank you, Thank you

Jean from Wickliffe, Ohio

Jean’s experience is not unique. We get letters and calls all the time thanking us for such a professional cleaning. We really appreciate all the responses and look forward to seeing them everyday. It is what we strive for and we are always searching for never ending improvement.

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