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Why You Need Carpet Cleaning Wickliffe Ohio.

carpet cleaning wickliffe ohioCarpet Cleaning Wickliffe Ohio is Smart Choice Cleaning. Here you will be able to find out what really is in your carpet and the many reasons why it must be professionally cleaned as well as how to keep it looking its best until its time to have have it professionally cleaned again. It is important to know why you need to get your carpets cleaned. Most people wait until they can not stand the way their carpet looks or their is a smell that they just can not live with anymore. This means that your carpet is just way past dirty and you waited way to long to get your carpet cleaned and you have shortened your carpets useful life span.

Your carpet is a textile (fiber) that is not unlike the clothes you wear everyday or the bed linen that you sleep on every night. It is like the furniture that you sit on. You wear the clothes you have for about a day and then wash them. Why do we do this? during the course of your day you come in contact with different pollutants or particles that get on your clothes or smell, you get spots or stains on it, and of course your sweat or body odor. All of this is also in your carpet. You may think that since your carpet never leaves the house that it can not pick up all of these things. You are out all day and you pick up these things plus you get things in and on your shoes that also transfer to your carpet and upholstery in your home. It might be less than what your clothes pick up. But it does add up. Because it is not only you that are bringing these things in to your home. There may be others that live with you, you may have a pet. Carpet Cleaning Wickliffe Ohio is important.

A great invention was designed to help take care of these. The vacuum for carpet cleaning Wickliffe Ohio is your first defense against all the things that you bring in your home and try to attach itself to your carpet. It’s one of the best branded self propelled vacuum cleaners. It will suck most of those things out of your carpet on a regular basis. Things though can get trapped in your carpet fibers because they are not as smooth as you may think. They have ridges that can catch particles and hold them from your vacuum. This is where carpet protector would help by filling in those ridges so your vacuum can be more effective. The manufacture of your carpet most likely put a carpet protector on your carpet at their factory. Most people think that means that their carpet is protected for your years to come. Sadly this is not the case. The carpet protector, depending on use of the carpet will last from 6 months to 1 year and then need to be reapplied.

This is just the beginning of why you should have your carpet cleaned. Follow the series that we will post here to get you the information that you will need to know about your carpet.

Do not think carpet is bad because it needs to be cleaned. It is a great filter. Think about it. If you did not have the carpet, these particles would be blowing around on the floor and back into the air so you could breathe them in. Carpet cleaning Wickliffe Ohio is a great way to keep your indoor air cleaner.

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Thorough Carpet Cleaning Eastlake Ohio

Thorough Carpet Cleaning Eastlake Ohio

carpet cleaning Eastlake OhioSmart Choice Cleaning carpet cleaning has the most thorough carpet cleaning Eastlake Ohio. It also dries faster and stays cleaner longer. How can this be possible you say? We use only the best equipment and the best cleaning solutions to ensure the best results. On top of that we use the knowledge that we gained in our 28 years of experience as well as the knowledge that is needed to become a certified carpet cleaning technician. Just because a company is certified does not mean that the technician is certified. It just means that someone there at least has been certified. At Smart Choice Cleaning, the technician that comes into your home or business is certified by the IICRC. To be a certified carpet cleaning technician you not only have to go to class and take a test but you have to keep up your education in order to keep your certification.

Last week we were at a clients home cleaning and deodorizing carpet in 2 rooms in Wickliffe, Ohio. Cleaners will generally come on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly rotation, dependent on your needs and budget. In general a residential home cleaner is likely to come weekly to fortnightly, whilst commercial cleaners will come fortnightly to monthly dependent on the workplace, notes Cleaning Ease home and commercial cleaning.

They had stated that they just had their carpets cleaned by another company in December. They were unhappy with the result and the lack of knowledge that the cleaners had. They explained to us that it wasn’t much different after they left from before they got there and they were in and out quickly. Then they commented that we were so thorough in our carpet cleaning that our name and number was going on the fridge which is where they keep their important numbers. Remarks like this and making the difference in peoples lives is was drives us at Smart Choice Cleaning.

Smart Choice Cleaning is a Eastlake Ohio based company that has a service area that includes counties like Lake county , Geauga county, and Cuyahoga county, and surrounding counties. We offer Same Day service for those who didn’t get a chance to schedule ahead as well as weekend times and evening times. Smart Choice Cleaning is a accredited member of the BBB and also on Angie’s list.

We could go on forever telling you what we can do but its so much better for you to find out in person.

Thorough Carpet Cleaning Eastlake Ohio.

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Carpet Stains Richmond Hts, Ohio

Smart Choice Cleaning has removed carpet stains Richmond Hts, Ohio 44143 making it possible for their clients to enjoy their carpet again.

This has already been a busy year and its only the 3rd week in January. To start off the year we were in Richmond Hts, Ohio removing wood stains left on our clients carpet when they had a flood in their basement. The wood stain was from a platform that sits on the carpet in their media room. The water from the flood pulled the stain out of the wood and transferred it to the carpet. Wood stains are normally a permanent stain on the carpet. With the knowledge that Smart Choice Cleaning has acquired  though we were able to work on the stains and make them disappear to the joy of our clients. It took us 3 short trips lasting about 15-20 minutes each time to take care of it. Now our clients can once again enjoy their media room. Its a great feeling when you can save the customer from having to go out and buy carpet.

vinyl floorAnother company in Wickliffe, Ohio 44092 called us in to save their vinyl tile in their offices. After stripping off the old wax and removing it. We applied very stable wax to the tile with enough coats to protect it through many harsh conditions. It also produces a beautiful shine. The clients were so happy they remarked that the floor looked amazing and that it hasn’t looked that good as long as they have been at the company and that they have been there from more than twenty years.  Its always great when you can save the replacement of tile.

What can we save for you?

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Great Willoughby Carpet Cleaning

Smart Choice Cleaning is the premiere carpet cleaner providing great Willoughby carpet cleaning in Willoughby, Ohio 44094. As well as Eastlake, Wickliffe, Mentor, Painesville, Concord, Chardon, Chesterland and all of Lake and Geauga Counties.

If I had to use one word to describe Smart Choice cleaning and their great Willoughby carpet cleaning. I would have to use dedicated, satisfaction, knowledge, and professional.

We take our time and clean your carpet, rug, tile, or even upholstery with great care and understanding. We will never just hurry through a cleaning just to get to another. Do you want someone that you can trust and that will provide you with excellent service? Then Smart Choice Cleaning is the company of choice for you.

Smart Choice cleaning is an accredited member of the cleveland BBB and uses only IICRC certified technicians to clean your carpet in your home.

I have always said we are a family owned and operated company. We train our family young to keep the high standards that we have been known for. When you want a company with many years of training and experience. There is no other company that employes the standards that we have.

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Carpet Cleaning Tip Willoughby, OH

vacuuming picToday’s carpet cleaning tip Willoughby, OH  and surrounding cities such as Eastlake, 44095 , Mentor,44060, Wickliffe, 44092 and so on.

I am often asked, How often should we vacuum your carpet?

My answer varies for each house hold.

Rule of thumb is one day a week for every living being in house. So if you have 2 adults and 2 kids and a dog, that would be 5 days a week that you should vacuum. Again this is a rule of thumb, some people and animals are in their houses more than others.

At Smart Choice Cleaning we want all of our clients to be thoroughly happy all year round with their carpets. That is why Smart Choice Cleaning offers Carpet Cleaning Tip Willoughby, OH.

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A customers Review

A customers Review – Received a letter from a customer that we recently cleaned her carpet in Wickliffe, Ohio. I just wanted to share it in my blog until I can get my referals up on my web page.

What you used while cleaning and raking my carpet gave it the new life look, just like when I got it years ago. All other persons who did carpet before went so fast plus when it dried the middle where one walks was different from the sides all around the carpet. This was so blended it was amazing as i know what it looked like after all washes. This was the most amazing! They all said it was old but to be so flat and different wasn’t what I saw with your work.  Thank you, Thank you

Jean from Wickliffe, Ohio

Jean’s experience is not unique. We get letters and calls all the time thanking us for such a professional cleaning. We really appreciate all the responses and look forward to seeing them everyday. It is what we strive for and we are always searching for never ending improvement.

You can view other testimonials on our testimonials page.

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Call From Wickliffe, Ohio

Carpet Cleaning Eastlake OH 44095Call From Wickliffe, Ohio – Today I got this call from  someone in Wickliffe wanted a room and a hallway cleaned. She was concerned because the last carpet cleaner she hired left her carpet saturated with water and took roughly a week to dry. I explained that by the time we leave her house the carpet depending on the weather will be either dry to the touch or very mildly damp. Her Carpet should never take that long to dry. It got me to thinking that some people may put off getting their carpet cleaned because they are worried about how long their carpet is going to be wet. With Smart Choice Cleaning system the longest any carpet has ever taken to get dry and this was in the worst conditions with the house all closed up and no air movement. It took over night. Most all cases are dry to the touch within a couple of hours. So don’t be afraid to have your carpet cleaned. Just make the “Smart Choice“. We do have clients of ours that do request that the carpet is dry before we leave. We are able to do this. The service for this is called rapid drying.

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