Thorough Carpet Cleaning Eastlake Ohio

Thorough Carpet Cleaning Eastlake Ohio

carpet cleaning Eastlake OhioSmart Choice Cleaning carpet cleaning has the most thorough carpet cleaning Eastlake Ohio. It also dries faster and stays cleaner longer. How can this be possible you say? We use only the best equipment and the best cleaning solutions to ensure the best results. On top of that we use the knowledge that we gained in our 28 years of experience as well as the knowledge that is needed to become a certified carpet cleaning technician. Just because a company is certified does not mean that the technician is certified. It just means that someone there at least has been certified. At Smart Choice Cleaning, the technician that comes into your home or business is certified by the IICRC. To be a certified carpet cleaning technician you not only have to go to class and take a test but you have to keep up your education in order to keep your certification.

Last week we were at a clients home cleaning and deodorizing carpet in 2 rooms in Wickliffe, Ohio. Cleaners will generally come on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly rotation, dependent on your needs and budget. In general a residential home cleaner is likely to come weekly to fortnightly, whilst commercial cleaners will come fortnightly to monthly dependent on the workplace, notes Cleaning Ease home and commercial cleaning.

They had stated that they just had their carpets cleaned by another company in December. They were unhappy with the result and the lack of knowledge that the cleaners had. They explained to us that it wasn’t much different after they left from before they got there and they were in and out quickly. Then they commented that we were so thorough in our carpet cleaning that our name and number was going on the fridge which is where they keep their important numbers. Remarks like this and making the difference in peoples lives is was drives us at Smart Choice Cleaning.

Smart Choice Cleaning is a Eastlake Ohio based company that has a service area that includes counties like Lake county , Geauga county, and Cuyahoga county, and surrounding counties. We offer Same Day service for those who didn’t get a chance to schedule ahead as well as weekend times and evening times. Smart Choice Cleaning is a accredited member of the BBB and also on Angie’s list.

We could go on forever telling you what we can do but its so much better for you to find out in person.

Thorough Carpet Cleaning Eastlake Ohio.

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Cleaning Carpet Eastlake, Ohio

Smart Choice Cleaning was out cleaning carpet Eastlake, Ohio 44095 this past week.

groomerWe went to a lovely home in Eastlake, Ohio to clean some carpet. There were several spots in the different carpets in the home. Smart Choice Cleaning was able to not only clean the carpet but take out the spots that were present. The spots were from many different things such as pet urine, drink spills, and some undetermined spots. The client said they were very pleased and wanted to spread the word about Smart Choice Cleaning. They also are looking into Smart Choice Cleaning’s tile and grout cleaning to be done in February. They are now able to enjoy a clean and healthy carpet. They also are taking care of their carpet since they had carpet protector applied by Smart Choice Cleaning. Carpet portector  applied by Smart Choice cleaning will not only protect from spills but from wear. Giving their carpet a longer life expectancy than not having it applied. They are enjoying the fact that if they spill something or have an accident in the next 6 months they can call us up to 2 times for free we will return to remove the spot. This is the Smart Choice Cleaning protector guarantee.

We want to thank them for allowing us to come into their home and provide them with a clean and healthy carpet.

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Accredited Carpet Cleaner Eastlake

Smart Choice Cleaning is now a accredited carpet cleaner Eastlake, Ohio 44095, by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

We are pleased to be a member of the Cleveland BBB. It shows how much we care about our clients and ethics as a carpet cleaning company located in Eastlake, Ohio 44095. Our companies standards have always been high. Keeping our clients satisfaction as our highest priority.

Not every company can be part of the BBB but Smart Choice Cleaning  has met the criteria that the BBB requires to be accredited. They checked to make sure we have a IICRC certified technician.  They also checked our web site for truth in advertising. They even contacted a couple of our clients to make sure we did what we say we do.

Smart Choice Cleaning is striving every day to make sure our clients have the most thorough carpet cleaning they have ever had.

Smart Choice Cleaning is now

  • IICRC Certified Technicians
  • Cleveland BBB Accredited Carpet Cleaner Eastlake, Ohio


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Great Willoughby Carpet Cleaning

Smart Choice Cleaning is the premiere carpet cleaner providing great Willoughby carpet cleaning in Willoughby, Ohio 44094. As well as Eastlake, Wickliffe, Mentor, Painesville, Concord, Chardon, Chesterland and all of Lake and Geauga Counties.

If I had to use one word to describe Smart Choice cleaning and their great Willoughby carpet cleaning. I would have to use dedicated, satisfaction, knowledge, and professional.

We take our time and clean your carpet, rug, tile, or even upholstery with great care and understanding. We will never just hurry through a cleaning just to get to another. Do you want someone that you can trust and that will provide you with excellent service? Then Smart Choice Cleaning is the company of choice for you.

Smart Choice cleaning is an accredited member of the cleveland BBB and uses only IICRC certified technicians to clean your carpet in your home.

I have always said we are a family owned and operated company. We train our family young to keep the high standards that we have been known for. When you want a company with many years of training and experience. There is no other company that employes the standards that we have.

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Training young to schedule appointments

Best Value Carpet Cleaning Eastlake, Ohio

logoSmart Choice Cleaning is the best value carpet cleaning Eastlake, Ohio 44095. With over 28 years experience and knowledge, we are able to give you the best carpet cleaning you have ever had.

2012 was a great year for Smart Choice Cleaning. We reached our goal for 2012 and we were able to give back to the community. Not only did we provide exceptional service for our ever increasing client base but we were able to use some of what we made to make it possible to help out people in the area .

  • We help sponsor Eastlake, Ohio’s youth summer swim team.
  • We provided carpet cleaning to some needy people who were living in unhealthy conditions. They could not afford to hire a carpet cleaning company so we provided it free of charge to improve their conditions.
  • We also were able to donate a free carpet cleaning to a church with a lot of carpet. We provided it just in time for Christmas.
  • We donated funds to different organizations that help out people in different ways.

A big Thank you goes out to all of our clients in 2012 for helping us help others. Through your patronage we were able to do so much.

In 2013 we are hoping to do so much more. Know that when you hire Smart Choice Cleaning your not only getting a great and thorough cleaning but you are helping others.

At Smart Choice Cleaning in 2012 we were also able to purchase a new machine and a newer van. These are great tools that will help us serve our clients even better than before. The new machine is state of the art in carpet and upholstery cleaning. We also in 2012 started to give out with every cleaning a free bottle of Spot Out. Our clients for years have been asking what they could safely use on their carpets to take out spots in between their normal cleanings. We found something safe and effective in Spot Out. We do also sell extra bottles that some people have given as gifts.

Looking forward to seeing you in 2013 from Smart Choice Cleaning in Eastlake, Ohio 44095




Hardwood Floor Cleaning In Eastlake, Ohio

Is it time to get your hardwood floor cleaning in Eastlake, Ohio done? Are your hardwood floors looking a little dingy or just not their beautiful self lately? Is mopping them not getting them as clean as it use to? Are you not wanting to go through the hassle and pay the high prices to refinish your hardwood floors?

Then professionally cleaned hardwood floors might be your answer.

At Smart Choice Cleaning we can clean what your mop isn’t getting and bring back a shine to your hardwood floors. You can even choose if you want a shiny look or a more matted finish.

It won’t take you going through the hassle of the the loud sander or dust everywhere and it all can be completed in just a few hours. This is not a dream, this is what professionally cleaned hardwood floors by Smart Choice Cleaning can offer.

Now not every floor is able to be saved through our cleaning process, but our experienced technician will let you know up front at your FREE, no obligation estimate.

Wouldn’t  it be awesome to see your floors beautiful again and  not have to go through the hassle of it taking over your house for days.

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Carpet Cleaning Tip Eastlake, OH

vacuumCarpet Cleaning Tip Eastlake, OH

How often, how long, and with what kind of vacuum? There are many variables that will determine if you need to vacuum more than once a week: Do you have young children in the house who may make things dirty? Do you have pets that shed? Do you suffer from allergies? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you should vacuum more than once a week. Simply vacuuming back and forth doesn’t do the trick of removing the dust particles or other particles that may have seeped into the carpet. It is important when vacuuming to make slow passes, especially in high traffic areas. Here you can find a selection of cheap vacuum cleaners that will help you maintain you carpet. Vacuuming in this manor will help to reduce wear on your carpet and prolong the life of your carpet as well as having it professionally cleaned at least once a year.

At Smart Choice Cleaning we take carpet cleaning tip Eastlake, Oh to heart. We pre-vacuum every carpet above our basic package to remove all loose particles that easily comes up with a vacuum. This ensures that the cleaner used is only working on particles that are not as easily removed. It provides you with a much better cleaning. Unlike a lot of companies that don’t offer this or offer it as an extra charge. Smart Choice includes it in most of our packages because we feel that it is just that important.

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Carpet Cleaning Tip Willoughby, OH

vacuuming picToday’s carpet cleaning tip Willoughby, OH  and surrounding cities such as Eastlake, 44095 , Mentor,44060, Wickliffe, 44092 and so on.

I am often asked, How often should we vacuum your carpet?

My answer varies for each house hold.

Rule of thumb is one day a week for every living being in house. So if you have 2 adults and 2 kids and a dog, that would be 5 days a week that you should vacuum. Again this is a rule of thumb, some people and animals are in their houses more than others.

At Smart Choice Cleaning we want all of our clients to be thoroughly happy all year round with their carpets. That is why Smart Choice Cleaning offers Carpet Cleaning Tip Willoughby, OH.

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Carpet Protecting Eastlake, Ohio

precondition carpetCarpet protecting Eastlake, Ohio –  We offer truck mount cleaning or Portable cleaning which ever is needed or preferred.  We use the best of products including a green carpet protector. Which means we can protect your carpet in a safer manor than applying a chemical based scotchguard or teflon product. This protector not only out preforms the other two but is so much safer in your home.

Protecting your carpet is very important. Your fibers are very vulnerable to abrasion. Protector helps coat the fiber and guard it against the abrasion that soil can do. Not only against abrasion but from die’s entering your carpets from spills.

Make sure to schedule the carpet cleaning with Smart Choice Cleaning and order the safe Green carpet protection you need and deserve.

Smart Choice Cleaning – carpet protecting Eastlake, Ohio.

Eastlake, Ohio  44095




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Rug Cleaning Eastlake Ohio

dog and child on rugRug Cleaning Eastlake Ohio 44095 – Oriental and Area rugs are a specialty and at Smart Choice Cleaning we take extra special care when your rugs are in our care. We pick  them up and drop them off for no additional fee. That is right, FREE pick up and delivery.

Rugs are not like a carpet. They are specially made. They need extra special attention. The right tools and the cleaners are all very important. The knowledge is also a key. You can trust Smart Choice Cleaning to get it right the first time and not waste your time. Rug Cleaning Eastlake, Ohio – call the best and forget the rest.

Did you know that by having the wrong person clean your Area or Oriental rug can ruin it? If the wrong person is chosen and they don’t know enough about rug cleaning then you could take the danger of having the colors bleed or something even worse. I once had a client who had their rug cleaned by a different company and their were still leaves in the rug when it was brought back to her.

Rug cleaning Eastlake, Ohio is done in plant. This is the only way to make sure of all conditions and properly take care of and clean your rug.

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