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Why You Need Carpet Cleaning Wickliffe Ohio.

carpet cleaning wickliffe ohioCarpet Cleaning Wickliffe Ohio is Smart Choice Cleaning. Here you will be able to find out what really is in your carpet and the many reasons why it must be professionally cleaned as well as how to keep it looking its best until its time to have have it professionally cleaned again. It is important to know why you need to get your carpets cleaned. Most people wait until they can not stand the way their carpet looks or their is a smell that they just can not live with anymore. This means that your carpet is just way past dirty and you waited way to long to get your carpet cleaned and you have shortened your carpets useful life span.

Your carpet is a textile (fiber) that is not unlike the clothes you wear everyday or the bed linen that you sleep on every night. It is like the furniture that you sit on. You wear the clothes you have for about a day and then wash them. Why do we do this? during the course of your day you come in contact with different pollutants or particles that get on your clothes or smell, you get spots or stains on it, and of course your sweat or body odor. All of this is also in your carpet. You may think that since your carpet never leaves the house that it can not pick up all of these things. You are out all day and you pick up these things plus you get things in and on your shoes that also transfer to your carpet and upholstery in your home. It might be less than what your clothes pick up. But it does add up. Because it is not only you that are bringing these things in to your home. There may be others that live with you, you may have a pet. Carpet Cleaning Wickliffe Ohio is important.

A great invention was designed to help take care of these. The vacuum for carpet cleaning Wickliffe Ohio is your first defense against all the things that you bring in your home and try to attach itself to your carpet. It’s one of the best branded self propelled vacuum cleaners. It will suck most of those things out of your carpet on a regular basis. Things though can get trapped in your carpet fibers because they are not as smooth as you may think. They have ridges that can catch particles and hold them from your vacuum. This is where carpet protector would help by filling in those ridges so your vacuum can be more effective. The manufacture of your carpet most likely put a carpet protector on your carpet at their factory. Most people think that means that their carpet is protected for your years to come. Sadly this is not the case. The carpet protector, depending on use of the carpet will last from 6 months to 1 year and then need to be reapplied.

This is just the beginning of why you should have your carpet cleaned. Follow the series that we will post here to get you the information that you will need to know about your carpet.

Do not think carpet is bad because it needs to be cleaned. It is a great filter. Think about it. If you did not have the carpet, these particles would be blowing around on the floor and back into the air so you could breathe them in. Carpet cleaning Wickliffe Ohio is a great way to keep your indoor air cleaner.

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Pet Odor Willoughby Ohio

Pet Odor Willoughby Ohio

Pet Odor Willoughby Ohio can get very bad for you in these summer months. You see things that have odor like urine and just pet dander or hair can produce an strong odor when heated by the summer temperatures and then with the humidity that we get here in Lake county Ohio.

You could go the rest of the year and sometimes never smell it or smell it a lot less. In the summer time it gets really strong and you think that there is nothing you can do but go buy spray products at the store and keep applying it. Most of the items that you buy at the store are what we call a perfume. A perfume is a spray that gives you a great smelling odor strong enough to over power your senses to smell it rather than the actual odor that you were having the problem with. This is great for the day or up to 2 weeks but then has to be applied again to mask the odor.

Masking the odor is never the way to go unless you are planning to get rid of the affected item very shortly. At Smart Choice Cleaning pet odor Willoughby Ohiowe not only clean the affected area that is in your carpet or upholstery but we treat the area with a product that will remove the odor that you are smelling. We are not ever going to just try and cover up a odor and have it reappear in a week or two. The products that we use are specially designed to mix with the source of the odor, not cover it up. We have had clients call this our miracle product. That they have tried everything before and were about to get rid of their carpet or furniture before they called us. Afterwards they were delighted in the results even after weeks.

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Valuable Carpet Cleaning Painesville Ohio

Valuable Carpet Cleaning Painesville Ohio

carpet cleaning painesville ohioSmart Choice Cleaning is the smart choice for valuable carpet cleaning Painesville Ohio. When clean really matters, make the smart choice. IICRC certified technicians, state of the art van mounted equipment, and only top of the line cleaning solutions is how we start. Its our knowledge and passion that brings you the value that every carpet needs.

What is in Your Carpet?

Did you ever wonder what was actually in the carpet in your home and why or how it got there?

Your carpet is like a filter that catches and holds on to everything that is brought into your home. It helps to keep you from breathing it in physically. Sure you might get a odor from your carpet when it hasn’t been cleaned but the physical things that it is holding is protecting you from breathing that into your lungs.

As you leave your home everyday and go about your day, you pick up different things from the different places you have been. Whether it was picked up on you shoes, bare feet, or even socks. Have you ever looked at the bottom of your shoes and were grossed out. Well next time look inside your shoe as well. Where your socks or bare feet have been all day sweating. Even in flip flops or sandals look at your bare feet afterwards and the yuck that you picked up. Since I don’t know of anyone that washes their feet at their door, this means that you carry this throughout your home. Your carpet grabs a hold of this pollution and traps it in so that you do not have to breath it in later. Sure you might smell something but it is not you breathing in the actual particles that can get into your lungs. Particles that travel on you throughout your day are things like body sweat, smoke, grass, actual soil, sand, and more. just look outside your front or back door. You will be amazed at what is just in that little area. Now envision the rest of your day and every thing that you come in contact through your day. When you come home your carpet protects you from these things by pulling and trapping these things from you.

Vacuuming is a great way to remove some of this from your carpeting and the carpet cleaners they sell at the stores and on TV are good at helping to keep these at bay over short periods of time. But in reality there are things that these machines leave behind. They just are not strong enough to get everything. This is why a professional may be needed for your carpet cleaning Painesville Ohio.  We all know that we do not vacuum or clean our carpets as often as we should. Our lives are busy in this day and age that it politely gets pushed a side until we just can not stand it any more. Your Carpet Cleaning Painesville Ohio gets pushed off because we have so many things going on in our lives. Today’s carpet may even look clean longer by the advances the carpet manufactures have made but did you know that you can have up to 1 pound of soil in a square foot of your carpet and it could still look clean. None of us like to think of this. It is good to know that our carpets are doing such a great job for us though.

How Often Should I have My Carpet Cleaning Painesville Ohio Done?

The carpet and rug institute (CRI) recommends that your carpet be professionally cleaned  a minimum of every 12 to 18 months. We underlined the word minimum because this is what we call a best case situation. Meaning that you have no children or pets and that you are rarely home. To give you an idea of how often cleaning should be done and very few ever go this far. The rule of thumb for vacuuming is that you vacuum 1 time a week for every living being in your home. If you have 2 adults and 2 children, that would be 4 days a week. if you also had 1 dog or cat then add another day. That can add up to a lot of cleaning that most of us just do not have time for. This is one reason that the carpet manufactures have put a carpet protector (ex. Scotchguard) on your carpet when they made it. This though only lasts for 6 months to a year on your carpet before wearing away. Your carpet cleaning Painesville Ohio should should get carpet protector reapplied after this time and again after every professional cleaning. Even the carpet manufactures have made their warranties on your carpet to include that keep the warranty intact that you need to have your carpet cleaned at least every 18-24 months. Some have even included that it be by an IICRC certified Technician like Smart Choice Cleaning has.

Who To Call For Carpet Cleaning Painesville Ohio?

Smart Choice Cleaning is the premiere carpet cleaner for carpet cleaning Painesville Ohio and all of Lake county Ohio.

We deliver the service and knowledge to bring the very best results and results is what it is all about.

We are a accredited BBB member , We are on Angie’s list, Check out our testimonials around the web and even here on our site.

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Carpet Cleaning Painesville Ohio in Lake county Ohio


Valued Carpet Cleaning Chardon Ohio

Valued Carpet Cleaning Chardon Ohio

carpet cleaning chardon ohioSmart Choice Cleaning is the very best value in carpet cleaning Chardon Ohio. Our client’s carpets get the very best of care and are not left wet for many hours or days like the others. We do offer rapid carpet drying for those who need it dry right away. We want the very best for you and your carpet and are willing to go the distance to ensure your satisfaction.

Did you know that when you bought your carpet and it came with that so many year wear warranty that you need to have it cleaned by rug cleaners new york? In most warranties it states that to keep the warranty, you need to have your carpet cleaned at least every 18-24 months. Not only cleaned but professionally cleaned by a IICRC certified technician. Smart Choice Cleaning technicians are all IICRC certified.  The carpet and rug institute (CRI) also recommends that you have your carpet at least cleaned every 12-18 months.

Your carpet is like a filter that helps trap particles that you might otherwise breathe in. Like any good filter though it needs to be cleaned to be affective. Not to mention that the soil particles that has accumulated in your carpet are rubbing against your fibers in the carpet and can cause premature wear in your carpet.  So Carpet Cleaning Chardon Ohio is very important to both protect your investment and your health.

Vacuuming is a great help to keep these soil particles at bay. Even with today’s technology the vacuums only can do so much. How often do you vacuum? Rule of thumb for vacuuming is one day for every living being in the house. So if you have 4 people and 1 dog, that would be 5 days a week for vacuuming.  Again this is a rule of thumb but it does go to show how much we do need a professional carpet cleaner to take of what our vacuuming is not.

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Furniture Cleaning Mentor Ohio

Smart Choice Cleaning Furniture Cleaning Mentor Ohio

furniture cleaning mentor OhioSmart Choice Cleaning are the experts in your Furniture Cleaning Mentor Ohio.  We take your upholstery very seriously.  Using our 28 years of knowledge really is a Smart Choice.

The fibers in your upholstery are much thinner than in your carpet which takes special solutions to clean it properly. Some times there are different fibers in your upholstery that are not in carpet’s. An example is Cotton. If they were cleaned like your carpets they could shrink or the colors could bleed and just make a mess of your beautiful furniture. Cleaning your furniture is very important. Think about it, you wash your bed sheets all the time don’t you. Why do you do that? Normally it is because your skin in contact with each and every night.  Isn’t there skin contact with your furniture each day? We just don’t think about it because it is rarely ever mentioned. You do not here it in advertising as often as you do carpet cleaning. You look at your furniture which is dirty and think that it is getting old. A lot of the dirt may make it look older than it may be. Time for furniture cleaning Mentor Ohio.

As soil is gets into the fibers of your upholstery it builds up like a sandpaper and when you sit or lay down on it and move. You are rubbing that sandpaper substance against the fiber of your upholstery. Cutting through the strands in the fiber and effectively wearing it out. Cleaning by Smart Choice Cleaning can help your furniture last longer by removing the soil that is turning into sandpaper quality and the soil that is dulling the luster.

We are also if you choose able to protect your upholstery from spills and even help slow down the wearing process by applying a protector to your fibers. This protector gives your fibers a coating to help keep things from sticking to it or rubbing against it and wearing it out. Instead it will wear on the protector not the fiber. Think about it this way. When you bought your furniture they usually have a protector on it from the factory. Protector only lasts anywhere from 6 months to 18 months on your furniture. After that time it needs to be reapplied to offer protection.

I hope this has been some knowledge you can use.

When you want your Furniture Cleaning Mentor Ohio done.

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Thorough Carpet Cleaning Eastlake Ohio

Thorough Carpet Cleaning Eastlake Ohio

carpet cleaning Eastlake OhioSmart Choice Cleaning carpet cleaning has the most thorough carpet cleaning Eastlake Ohio. It also dries faster and stays cleaner longer. How can this be possible you say? We use only the best equipment and the best cleaning solutions to ensure the best results. On top of that we use the knowledge that we gained in our 28 years of experience as well as the knowledge that is needed to become a certified carpet cleaning technician. Just because a company is certified does not mean that the technician is certified. It just means that someone there at least has been certified. At Smart Choice Cleaning, the technician that comes into your home or business is certified by the IICRC. To be a certified carpet cleaning technician you not only have to go to class and take a test but you have to keep up your education in order to keep your certification.

Last week we were at a clients home cleaning and deodorizing carpet in 2 rooms in Wickliffe, Ohio. Cleaners will generally come on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly rotation, dependent on your needs and budget. In general a residential home cleaner is likely to come weekly to fortnightly, whilst commercial cleaners will come fortnightly to monthly dependent on the workplace, notes Cleaning Ease home and commercial cleaning.

They had stated that they just had their carpets cleaned by another company in December. They were unhappy with the result and the lack of knowledge that the cleaners had. They explained to us that it wasn’t much different after they left from before they got there and they were in and out quickly. Then they commented that we were so thorough in our carpet cleaning that our name and number was going on the fridge which is where they keep their important numbers. Remarks like this and making the difference in peoples lives is was drives us at Smart Choice Cleaning.

Smart Choice Cleaning is a Eastlake Ohio based company that has a service area that includes counties like Lake county , Geauga county, and Cuyahoga county, and surrounding counties. We offer Same Day service for those who didn’t get a chance to schedule ahead as well as weekend times and evening times. Smart Choice Cleaning is a accredited member of the BBB and also on Angie’s list.

We could go on forever telling you what we can do but its so much better for you to find out in person.

Thorough Carpet Cleaning Eastlake Ohio.

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Furniture Cleaning Willoughby Ohio

Furniture Cleaning Willoughby Ohio

furniture cleaning willoughby ohioWhen you want your Carpet or Furniture cleaning Willoughby Ohio done right the first time. Make the Smart Choice with Smart Choice Cleaning. We understand what your furniture needs to look and feel its very best. There are so many different kinds of upholstery that furniture is made of and so many different ways to achieve the best results. There is not just one method of cleaning that does it all. At Smart Choice Cleaning we can help you choose what method is best for the upholstery on your furniture.

Furniture upholstery can be made of  synthetic fibers like nylon, acrylic, and polyester. It can also be made of natural fibers like cotton. Then there is animal skin like Leather. We first determine what you upholstery is made of and how soiled it has become to come up with the best solution to make it look its best.

How long would you wait to change the sheets on your bed?

Really, how long would you wait? You change your sheets because your skin is rubbing up against it and you want a clean feeling in your bed. Your furniture is no different expect that the fabric is attached to the furniture. Your furniture’s upholstery is made of fibers like your sheets are. They may just be arranged in a different way.  You sit down, lay down and yes even sometimes stand on your furniture. You may even spill things on it. I am sure at some time and for some most of the time your skin is touching your furniture. See how furniture upholstery  really is not  any different then your sheets on your bed. They may be a little stronger and able to repel some soiling unlike sheets but that just means they don’t need to be cleaned quite as often. But they still need to be cleaned. Furniture upholstery is also like your carpet. When soil is left in place and you keep using it the soil will act like sandpaper and and start wearing at the fibers causing early wear that can become very unsightly. Your Furniture Cleaning Willoughby Ohio should not be left to someone who does not understand what the fiber really needs. That is why Smart Choice Cleaning is the Smartest Choice you can make. Let the professionals save you the money so that you don’t need to buy new furniture more often than is needed. Think o how nice it will feel, smell, and look after Smart Choice Cleaning has revitalized your furniture’s upholstery.

For Furniture Cleaning Willoughby Ohio

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Spring Carpet Cleaning Kirtland Ohio

Spring Carpet Cleaning Kirtland Ohio

carpet cleaning kirtland ohioSmart Choice Cleaning is family owned and operated, carpet cleaning Kirtland Ohio. With over 28yrs experience and with IICRC certified technicians there is no need to look anywhere else to get your carpet cleaned. Besides the fact that in 2012 we purchase brand new equipment to keep things updated. Van mounted equipment that is state of the art and using only top of the line cleaning solutions to ensure every carpet looks its very best.  Smart Choice Cleaning offers what others have cut out of your carpet cleaning. We do not cut any corners to get to the next job. We are trustworthy and provide professional service as good as Albrite Commercial Cleaners for offices.  When we treat our clients like family and are always there for them. There is never any rushing. We take the time to give our clients the most thorough cleaning they have ever had.

Spring Cleaning has sprung up all over!

Spring has sprung and spring cleaning is already underway. Don’t fall behind this year. Call 440-721-7216 today and schedule your spring Carpet Cleaning Kirtland Ohio 44094.  Let us clean the carpet for you. Spring is the end of when  you have been stuck in the house all winter long. The carpet has served you well all winter being a filter for your air you breath.Trapping in the particles that you would normally have breathed in. It is now starting to fill up though and needs that special cleaning that only Smart Choice Cleaning can provide. Won’t it be great to get that fresh air feeling back in your home even if it might be a little early to open up all those windows after have carpet cleaning Kirtland Ohio. But fresh air won’t just drift in if you clean the house, for sometimes, you might also need humidifiers and dehumidifiers. You can get a good Humidor for Sale on the internet easily.

For those you that desire GREEN CLEANING. We do offer it. Although the cleaning solutions that we use on a regular basis are child and pet friendly. We do offer green cleaning and green carpet protector.  Just ask for it when scheduling your appointment.

Is your furniture in need of a good cleaning while we are there. They were trapped in the home with you all winter long as well. We offer excellent upholstery cleaning to refresh and revitalize them for you. Think about it. you sit on them, lay on them, just like you do your bed. The difference is your bed you put sheets on it and wash those on a regular basis. What do you do with the furniture though?

Speaking of Mattresses. You wash your sheets all the time and you know somethings made it pass the sheets. Smart Choice Cleaning also offers Mattress Cleaning. I mean that is where you lay down and spend roughly eight hours out of 24hrs a day.

Smart Choice offers many services that should fit into everyone’s needs. Call today 440-721-7216 and get your spring cleaning done right and out of the way so you can enjoy those much warmer temperatures that are on there way.

Don’t just take our word for it check out what our clients have had to say in their testimonials and judge for yourself during spring carpet cleaning Kirtland Ohio.

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Carpet Cleaning Chagrin Falls Ohio

Carpet Cleaning Chagrin Falls Ohio

carpet cleaning chagrin falls ohioSmart Choice Cleaning provides professional carpet cleaning Chagrin Falls Ohio. Our technicians are IICRC certified and provide the very best carpet cleaning experience you have ever had.
Do you want to get the most for your money. Call Smart Choice Cleaning today 440-721-7216. Smart Choice cleaning is able to remove the dirt that other companies leave behind. We get a lot of new clients that tell us that they wish they would of found us years ago and not wasted their money with our competition that didn’t get their carpet as clean as it was when we were finished.
At Smart Choice Cleaning we use state of the art van mounted equipment. Only top of the line cleaning solutions. More Knowledge with over 28yrs experience. Plus our technicians are certified by the IICRC.
Our clients started to ask us what they could use on their carpet in between their normal carpet cleaning to remove spots since most of the spot removers they sell at the stores are actually bad for your carpet. At our web site under the consumer info page we have a spotting guide for you to use. That wasn’t enough to make it easy for our clients so we searched for a product that we would trust for our valued clients. After a long search and testing we found a product that we could recommend. The bad part is that it wasn’t sold at stores so what we did was make an arrangement to buy it under our label and provide it free to our clients with their normal carpet cleaning. Now future clients like you Carpet Cleaning Chagrin Falls Ohio know up front that with a professional cleaning from Smart Choice Cleaning that you will receive a FREE bottle of our spot remover. It works so great that we have had clients call back and ask for more for their friends.
Smart Choice Cleaning is all about you, our clients.

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Carpet Cleaning Geauga County Ohio

Carpet Cleaning Geauga County Ohio –  Smart Choice Cleaning is the absolute best when it comes to carpet cleaning in Geauga county Ohio.  Not only do we strive to bring you the best possible cleaning you have ever had. We also strive at the best possible customer service you have ever had.

same day serviceOur service and availability have always been important but we also offer a same day service for our clients in need.  It is just another thing that sets Smart Choice Cleaning above the rest. We know things happen and you are calling sometimes out of a need not a want and we want to be there for you our client.  Weather you spilled something or their was some other accident, even if its just that you got company coming over and you forgot to call. Smart Choice Cleaning is there for you. You are not alone. We don’t rest until our clients are happy.

We take every client’s need seriously and whether you are calling to schedule for the future or need it today we are there for you for Carpet Cleaning Geauga County Ohio.  Not only are we here for you but we are tops when it comes to getting your carpet cleaned. IICRC certified technician on every service call we make. State of the art equipment and the best cleaning solutions available are what we use.

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