Removing Rust from Driveways​

Removing Rust from Driveways​

While the flooring in a home is what many look at and judge cleanliness on, the same could be said for areas outside the home. Especially the driveway, and the roof which can be taken care of with the professional roof cleaners sydney has.

A nice, clean and neat driveway, swept free of dust and debris, is noticed by everyone. So is one that has ugly rust stains. Especially when moisture has spread rust stains down the drive – another reason to call Ready Set Maids in Houston, don’t forget and  it’s recommended always read reviews before hiring a maid.

If you have rust stains on your driveway, you might wonder… What causes them? At you can find the answer with the best corporate contractors that will get experienced people that will  understand your vision.

Driveways are typically concrete or asphalt, neither of which should rust, right? Wrong!
Rust can develop from residues, such as those deposited on your driveway from your vehicle, from lawn care products and more. Also, the construction of your driveway, especially if concrete, contributes to rust stains. The rebar in the concrete can be close to the surface and rust can develop. There could be particles in asphalt that will rust as well.

No matter the cause, what you should be concerned with is prevention and, of course, removal of rust stains. Preventing them is difficult. Keeping everything clean is the first step, so rust doesn’t develop at all. You can also consult a sealcoating contractor as this is the best way to keep your residential driveway in good condition. Learn more from Gettysburg Seal Coating Pros and get your free estimate.

Steps to removal

For smaller rust stains, a little lemon juice or vinegar often does the trick. Apply when the affected areas are in the shade, or do it in the evening, because the sun will dry everything out too quickly. Work in the juice or vinegar with a brush. Rinse away any residues and reapply if you see some improvement.
If that doesn’t work, it’s time to get more aggressive. Visit your local hardware store and purchase a rust stain removal product and follow the directions. Be sure to note any precautions such as respiratory and contact issues.

And if that doesn’t work, it’s time to get really serious. At that same hardware store, you can purchase a stronger product, such as muriatic acid, and apply to the rust stains. But you must be very careful with strong acids as they can burn your skin and much worse. Also remember that stronger acids can damage the actual driveway material so be careful how you apply it and how long it dwells on the surface. Some have found that stronger acids negatively affect asphalt driveways.

Be careful!

What’s best? Calling your cleaning pros at Smart Choice Cleaning, who know all about rust stains and how to remove them. Do the right thing. Give them a ring. Schedule your free estimate and cleaning solution today. 440-721-7216

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