Carpet Stains Richmond Hts, Ohio

Smart Choice Cleaning has removed carpet stains Richmond Hts, Ohio 44143 making it possible for their clients to enjoy their carpet again.

This has already been a busy year and its only the 3rd week in January. To start off the year we were in Richmond Hts, Ohio removing wood stains left on our clients carpet when they had a flood in their basement. The wood stain was from a platform that sits on the carpet in their media room. The water from the flood pulled the stain out of the wood and transferred it to the carpet. Wood stains are normally a permanent stain on the carpet. With the knowledge that Smart Choice Cleaning has acquired  though we were able to work on the stains and make them disappear to the joy of our clients. It took us 3 short trips lasting about 15-20 minutes each time to take care of it. Now our clients can once again enjoy their media room. Its a great feeling when you can save the customer from having to go out and buy carpet.

vinyl floorAnother company in Wickliffe, Ohio 44092 called us in to save their vinyl tile in their offices. After stripping off the old wax and removing it. We applied very stable wax to the tile with enough coats to protect it through many harsh conditions. It also produces a beautiful shine. The clients were so happy they remarked that the floor looked amazing and that it hasn’t looked that good as long as they have been at the company and that they have been there from more than twenty years.  Its always great when you can save the replacement of tile.

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Hardwood Floor Cleaning In Eastlake, Ohio

Is it time to get your hardwood floor cleaning in Eastlake, Ohio done? Are your hardwood floors looking a little dingy or just not their beautiful self lately? Is mopping them not getting them as clean as it use to? Are you not wanting to go through the hassle and pay the high prices to refinish your hardwood floors?

Then professionally cleaned hardwood floors might be your answer.

At Smart Choice Cleaning we can clean what your mop isn’t getting and bring back a shine to your hardwood floors. You can even choose if you want a shiny look or a more matted finish.

It won’t take you going through the hassle of the the loud sander or dust everywhere and it all can be completed in just a few hours. This is not a dream, this is what professionally cleaned hardwood floors by Smart Choice Cleaning can offer.

Now not every floor is able to be saved through our cleaning process, but our experienced technician will let you know up front at your FREE, no obligation estimate.

Wouldn’t  it be awesome to see your floors beautiful again and  not have to go through the hassle of it taking over your house for days.

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