Odor Removal From Carpet Mentor Ohio

Odor Removal From Carpet Mentor Ohio

Odor Removal From Carpet Mentor OhioEveryone has needed Odor Removal From Carpet Mentor Ohio. Odor is a pretty common occurrence in the carpet cleaning industry. The odor experts at Smart Choice Cleaning are able to eliminate odors for good in most cases.  We do not put a perfume on your carpet that will last for a week or two. When we deodorize we are attacking the source of the odor. We will never tell you that the odor will go away as it dries. It is true that odors such as urine will become stronger when they are wet. But when treated right you won’t be smelling them after they are treated even when they are still wet. If you were to cast a just a curt glance over this post by MoonriverChattel, you’d know that there are air conditioners which are designed exclusively for pets.

Odors can originate from different things. Here are just a couple.

  • Urine
  • musty animal smell

Urine can come from all animals. The size of the animals is the one major difference that we look for. The size of the animal determines about how much urine comes out at a time. Urine can travel through the carpet to the padding which happens to be a sponge and even from the padding to your sub floor. So even if you treated your carpet. The padding could still smell. If you treated your carpet and replaced the affected padding. The sub floor could still smell. Good thing though that the odor experts at Smart Choice Cleaning can take care of it. People working from offices don’t know what is happening back at home, and by the time they come back home the carpet is smelly and is bound to go in the trash chutes. You can check out cameras from iPetCompanion that can help you keep an eye at home using your mobile phone at the office.

Musty animal smells are very common. This is usually from your animal getting wet or the fibers trapped by your carpet have gotten wet at some time. As a normal these are pretty easy to remove. With the proper vacuuming and then a Smart Choice Cleaning Professional carpet cleaning. The odor should be eliminated. But as a touch of precaution we would add a  mild deodorizer during the cleaning.

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Furniture Cleaning Mentor Ohio

Smart Choice Cleaning Furniture Cleaning Mentor Ohio

furniture cleaning mentor OhioSmart Choice Cleaning are the experts in your Furniture Cleaning Mentor Ohio.  We take your upholstery very seriously.  Using our 28 years of knowledge really is a Smart Choice.

The fibers in your upholstery are much thinner than in your carpet which takes special solutions to clean it properly. Some times there are different fibers in your upholstery that are not in carpet’s. An example is Cotton. If they were cleaned like your carpets they could shrink or the colors could bleed and just make a mess of your beautiful furniture. Cleaning your furniture is very important. Think about it, you wash your bed sheets all the time don’t you. Why do you do that? Normally it is because your skin in contact with each and every night.  Isn’t there skin contact with your furniture each day? We just don’t think about it because it is rarely ever mentioned. You do not here it in advertising as often as you do carpet cleaning. You look at your furniture which is dirty and think that it is getting old. A lot of the dirt may make it look older than it may be. Time for furniture cleaning Mentor Ohio.

As soil is gets into the fibers of your upholstery it builds up like a sandpaper and when you sit or lay down on it and move. You are rubbing that sandpaper substance against the fiber of your upholstery. Cutting through the strands in the fiber and effectively wearing it out. Cleaning by Smart Choice Cleaning can help your furniture last longer by removing the soil that is turning into sandpaper quality and the soil that is dulling the luster.

We are also if you choose able to protect your upholstery from spills and even help slow down the wearing process by applying a protector to your fibers. This protector gives your fibers a coating to help keep things from sticking to it or rubbing against it and wearing it out. Instead it will wear on the protector not the fiber. Think about it this way. When you bought your furniture they usually have a protector on it from the factory. Protector only lasts anywhere from 6 months to 18 months on your furniture. After that time it needs to be reapplied to offer protection.

I hope this has been some knowledge you can use.

When you want your Furniture Cleaning Mentor Ohio done.

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Great Willoughby Carpet Cleaning

Smart Choice Cleaning is the premiere carpet cleaner providing great Willoughby carpet cleaning in Willoughby, Ohio 44094. As well as Eastlake, Wickliffe, Mentor, Painesville, Concord, Chardon, Chesterland and all of Lake and Geauga Counties.

If I had to use one word to describe Smart Choice cleaning and their great Willoughby carpet cleaning. I would have to use dedicated, satisfaction, knowledge, and professional.

We take our time and clean your carpet, rug, tile, or even upholstery with great care and understanding. We will never just hurry through a cleaning just to get to another. Do you want someone that you can trust and that will provide you with excellent service? Then Smart Choice Cleaning is the company of choice for you.

Smart Choice cleaning is an accredited member of the cleveland BBB and uses only IICRC certified technicians to clean your carpet in your home.

I have always said we are a family owned and operated company. We train our family young to keep the high standards that we have been known for. When you want a company with many years of training and experience. There is no other company that employes the standards that we have.

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Upholstery Cleaning Mentor, Ohio

Upholstery Cleaning  Mentor, Ohio is no different that in any other city in northeast Ohio.

Would you wait years or more to change the sheets on your bed?

The upholstery on your sofa, loveseat, or even your favorite comfy chair gets a lot more abuse and even in most cases a lot more use by many different people. You sit there in clothes that you have been wearing all day that have picked up things that you have encountered through your day and passes some of those to your upholstery.

Smart Choice Cleaning is by far the best company in Mentor, Ohio to clean your upholstery. We take the time to make sure it is done right and bring to you the customer service you have always dreamed about. Your upholstery will be cleaned in a method that is best for each type of upholstery you may have. This isn’t a one type of cleaning for all fabrics. Each fabric needs different things and Smart Choice Cleaning knows this.

Did you know that the longer you let dirt set into your upholstery in Mentor, Ohio or anywhere, that the more it wears out the upholstery and will need to be reupholstered which can get very costly? Not to mention that you sit, lay down on, and yes for some of us eat on this same upholstery. Your children or pets may be climbing on them. Do you really want to wait to have it cleaned?

Smart Choice Cleaning uses only top of the line products and protects everything while they are cleaning. Our processes are second to no one. Our customer service is so exceptional you just have to witness it to believe it.

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Your Carpet Cleaning Mentor, Ohio

Having your carpet cleaning done in Mentor, Ohio and all of Lake County, Ohio by anyone but Smart Choice Cleaning  just does not make any sense.

Smart Choice Cleaning is the premiere carpet, upholstery,tile and grout, and hardwood floor cleaner in Mentor, Ohio.

The old saying holds true, you get what you pay for. Many other companies so they can do high volumes of work use short cuts in the cleaning process to achieve them. These short cuts in turn put you and your family’s health at risk. However, Zerorez has carpet cleaning services that will not put your family’s health at risk and ensure that your carpet is sparkling clean and dry. Contact them today.

Let me explain how these short cuts could hurt your carpet and then put you and your family’s health at risk. We will post different things over the coming week that some other companies are doing to cut corners to save time and not get your carpet as thoroughly cleaned as it should be.

  • A lot of companies do not offer to professionally pre-vacuum your carpet for you. Professionally vacuuming a carpet is different than what most people do in their own home. Ideally, for such a process, you first need to read credible reviews on various vacuums available on sites like medium.com and then choose the right one based on the rug or its type of use. Most people when vacuuming their own home will move the vacuum back and forth in a some what fast motion and not get all the vacuum could get. A couple of vacuum companies have even made vacuums that have green and red lights on it to show you if there is still things that the vacuum is still getting to show people they need to vacuum slower. Professional vacuuming, we will go much slower over your carpet to lift more of the loose soil that your carpet has trapped. By not having your carpet professionally pre-vacuumed  means that any of their cleaning solutions are trying to clean things that could of easily just been removed with a vacuum and not let the cleaning solutions get to work on the harder more stubborn areas. At Smart choice Cleaning we offer professional pre-vacuuming on all carpets to be cleaned

Don’t let your carpet and you and your families health come into jeopardy because of corner cutting.

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Dry Touch Carpet Cleaning Mentor, Ohio

Dry Touch Carpet Cleaning Mentor, Ohio – I was thinking of why people hold off on when getting carpet cleaning in Mentor, Ohio 44060 on a regular basis. One of the answers I came up with is that, they do not like waiting for the carpet to dry. Almost every time I am at one of our valued customers homes cleaning their carpets, the one question I get asked the most often is. How long till the carpet is dry?

At Smart Choice Cleaning the answer usually shocks a lot of people when I say most carpets will be dry to the touch by the time I leave or on very humid days it should be dry to the touch less than a couple of hours after I leave.  Not days or even several hours like most other carpet cleaners. We even offer a very low moisture cleaning for those that want it to be even more than dry when we leave.

We use state of the art blow driers that accelerate the drying process and give you full use of your carpet in a fraction of the time other cleaners do.

When you want your carpet cleaning in Mentor, Ohio 44060 or any city in our service area cleaned and dry to the touch there is really a smart choice.

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Carpet Cleaning Tip Willoughby, OH

vacuuming picToday’s carpet cleaning tip Willoughby, OH  and surrounding cities such as Eastlake, 44095 , Mentor,44060, Wickliffe, 44092 and so on.

I am often asked, How often should we vacuum your carpet?

My answer varies for each house hold.

Rule of thumb is one day a week for every living being in house. So if you have 2 adults and 2 kids and a dog, that would be 5 days a week that you should vacuum. Again this is a rule of thumb, some people and animals are in their houses more than others.

At Smart Choice Cleaning we want all of our clients to be thoroughly happy all year round with their carpets. That is why Smart Choice Cleaning offers Carpet Cleaning Tip Willoughby, OH.

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Stop before you buy your next carpet spotter

spot on carpetStop before you buy your next carpet spotter –  I recently cleaned a carpet for a church in Mentor, Ohio. They had several marks in there carpets that should of come out with ease. But due to the marketing of carpet spot solutions that they sell at stores they tried in the beginning to do it with the solutions. Most people would!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any time you use one of those solutions and it doesn’t take out your stain or mark, it most likely has set the stain or mark it permanently. I always say the safest solution for anyone to use on there own is water and blot it with a towel. We have a section on our website at www.smartchoiceclean.com to help you remove stains on your own. Think twice before buy that spotter. With every cleaning that we provide we give our clients a free bottle of Spot out that is safe on the carpet and works amazingly well. We also offer these bottles for sale. So Stop before you buy your next carpet spotter from the store. It might just save your carpet.

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