Spring Carpet Cleaning Kirtland Ohio

Spring Carpet Cleaning Kirtland Ohio

carpet cleaning kirtland ohioSmart Choice Cleaning is family owned and operated, carpet cleaning Kirtland Ohio. With over 28yrs experience and with IICRC certified technicians there is no need to look anywhere else to get your carpet cleaned. Besides the fact that in 2012 we purchase brand new equipment to keep things updated. Van mounted equipment that is state of the art and using only top of the line cleaning solutions to ensure every carpet looks its very best.  Smart Choice Cleaning offers what others have cut out of your carpet cleaning. We do not cut any corners to get to the next job. We are trustworthy and provide professional service as good as Albrite Commercial Cleaners for offices.  When we treat our clients like family and are always there for them. There is never any rushing. We take the time to give our clients the most thorough cleaning they have ever had.

Spring Cleaning has sprung up all over!

Spring has sprung and spring cleaning is already underway. Don’t fall behind this year. Call 440-721-7216 today and schedule your spring Carpet Cleaning Kirtland Ohio 44094.  Let us clean the carpet for you. Spring is the end of when  you have been stuck in the house all winter long. The carpet has served you well all winter being a filter for your air you breath.Trapping in the particles that you would normally have breathed in. It is now starting to fill up though and needs that special cleaning that only Smart Choice Cleaning can provide. Won’t it be great to get that fresh air feeling back in your home even if it might be a little early to open up all those windows after have carpet cleaning Kirtland Ohio. But fresh air won’t just drift in if you clean the house, for sometimes, you might also need humidifiers and dehumidifiers. You can get a good Humidor for Sale on the internet easily.

For those you that desire GREEN CLEANING. We do offer it. Although the cleaning solutions that we use on a regular basis are child and pet friendly. We do offer green cleaning and green carpet protector.  Just ask for it when scheduling your appointment.

Is your furniture in need of a good cleaning while we are there. They were trapped in the home with you all winter long as well. We offer excellent upholstery cleaning to refresh and revitalize them for you. Think about it. you sit on them, lay on them, just like you do your bed. The difference is your bed you put sheets on it and wash those on a regular basis. What do you do with the furniture though?

Speaking of Mattresses. You wash your sheets all the time and you know somethings made it pass the sheets. Smart Choice Cleaning also offers Mattress Cleaning. I mean that is where you lay down and spend roughly eight hours out of 24hrs a day.

Smart Choice offers many services that should fit into everyone’s needs. Call today 440-721-7216 and get your spring cleaning done right and out of the way so you can enjoy those much warmer temperatures that are on there way.

Don’t just take our word for it check out what our clients have had to say in their testimonials and judge for yourself during spring carpet cleaning Kirtland Ohio.

you can even check us out at the BBB



Your Carpet Cleaning Mentor, Ohio

Having your carpet cleaning done in Mentor, Ohio and all of Lake County, Ohio by anyone but Smart Choice Cleaning  just does not make any sense.

Smart Choice Cleaning is the premiere carpet, upholstery,tile and grout, and hardwood floor cleaner in Mentor, Ohio.

The old saying holds true, you get what you pay for. Many other companies so they can do high volumes of work use short cuts in the cleaning process to achieve them. These short cuts in turn put you and your family’s health at risk. However, Zerorez has carpet cleaning services that will not put your family’s health at risk and ensure that your carpet is sparkling clean and dry. Contact them today.

Let me explain how these short cuts could hurt your carpet and then put you and your family’s health at risk. We will post different things over the coming week that some other companies are doing to cut corners to save time and not get your carpet as thoroughly cleaned as it should be.

  • A lot of companies do not offer to professionally pre-vacuum your carpet for you. Professionally vacuuming a carpet is different than what most people do in their own home. Ideally, for such a process, you first need to read credible reviews on various vacuums available on sites like medium.com and then choose the right one based on the rug or its type of use. Most people when vacuuming their own home will move the vacuum back and forth in a some what fast motion and not get all the vacuum could get. A couple of vacuum companies have even made vacuums that have green and red lights on it to show you if there is still things that the vacuum is still getting to show people they need to vacuum slower. Professional vacuuming, we will go much slower over your carpet to lift more of the loose soil that your carpet has trapped. By not having your carpet professionally pre-vacuumed  means that any of their cleaning solutions are trying to clean things that could of easily just been removed with a vacuum and not let the cleaning solutions get to work on the harder more stubborn areas. At Smart choice Cleaning we offer professional pre-vacuuming on all carpets to be cleaned

Don’t let your carpet and you and your families health come into jeopardy because of corner cutting.

Call the Professionals at