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furniture cleaning mentor OhioSmart Choice Cleaning are the experts in your Furniture Cleaning Mentor Ohio.  We take your upholstery very seriously.  Using our 28 years of knowledge really is a Smart Choice.

The fibers in your upholstery are much thinner than in your carpet which takes special solutions to clean it properly. Some times there are different fibers in your upholstery that are not in carpet’s. An example is Cotton. If they were cleaned like your carpets they could shrink or the colors could bleed and just make a mess of your beautiful furniture. Cleaning your furniture is very important. Think about it, you wash your bed sheets all the time don’t you. Why do you do that? Normally it is because your skin in contact with each and every night.  Isn’t there skin contact with your furniture each day? We just don’t think about it because it is rarely ever mentioned. You do not here it in advertising as often as you do carpet cleaning. You look at your furniture which is dirty and think that it is getting old. A lot of the dirt may make it look older than it may be. Time for furniture cleaning Mentor Ohio.

As soil is gets into the fibers of your upholstery it builds up like a sandpaper and when you sit or lay down on it and move. You are rubbing that sandpaper substance against the fiber of your upholstery. Cutting through the strands in the fiber and effectively wearing it out. Cleaning by Smart Choice Cleaning can help your furniture last longer by removing the soil that is turning into sandpaper quality and the soil that is dulling the luster.

We are also if you choose able to protect your upholstery from spills and even help slow down the wearing process by applying a protector to your fibers. This protector gives your fibers a coating to help keep things from sticking to it or rubbing against it and wearing it out. Instead it will wear on the protector not the fiber. Think about it this way. When you bought your furniture they usually have a protector on it from the factory. Protector only lasts anywhere from 6 months to 18 months on your furniture. After that time it needs to be reapplied to offer protection.

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Furniture Cleaning Willoughby Ohio

Furniture Cleaning Willoughby Ohio

furniture cleaning willoughby ohioWhen you want your Carpet or Furniture cleaning Willoughby Ohio done right the first time. Make the Smart Choice with Smart Choice Cleaning. We understand what your furniture needs to look and feel its very best. There are so many different kinds of upholstery that furniture is made of and so many different ways to achieve the best results. There is not just one method of cleaning that does it all. At Smart Choice Cleaning we can help you choose what method is best for the upholstery on your furniture.

Furniture upholstery can be made of  synthetic fibers like nylon, acrylic, and polyester. It can also be made of natural fibers like cotton. Then there is animal skin like Leather. We first determine what you upholstery is made of and how soiled it has become to come up with the best solution to make it look its best.

How long would you wait to change the sheets on your bed?

Really, how long would you wait? You change your sheets because your skin is rubbing up against it and you want a clean feeling in your bed. Your furniture is no different expect that the fabric is attached to the furniture. Your furniture’s upholstery is made of fibers like your sheets are. They may just be arranged in a different way.  You sit down, lay down and yes even sometimes stand on your furniture. You may even spill things on it. I am sure at some time and for some most of the time your skin is touching your furniture. See how furniture upholstery  really is not  any different then your sheets on your bed. They may be a little stronger and able to repel some soiling unlike sheets but that just means they don’t need to be cleaned quite as often. But they still need to be cleaned. Furniture upholstery is also like your carpet. When soil is left in place and you keep using it the soil will act like sandpaper and and start wearing at the fibers causing early wear that can become very unsightly. Your Furniture Cleaning Willoughby Ohio should not be left to someone who does not understand what the fiber really needs. That is why Smart Choice Cleaning is the Smartest Choice you can make. Let the professionals save you the money so that you don’t need to buy new furniture more often than is needed. Think o how nice it will feel, smell, and look after Smart Choice Cleaning has revitalized your furniture’s upholstery.

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