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I hope you had a wonderful time for Thanksgiving. It is a great time for family to get together and have a wonderful time enjoying a wonderful dinner together while giving thanks for having them in your life.

Of course though if everyone came to your house there might of been a little cleanup to do afterward. A bit more traffic on the carpet and maybe even some spills on the carpet. Not to worry though, Smart Choice Cleaning can help you out. Call us and let us help you get rid of those spots and bring your carpet back to its refreshed self with carpet cleaning Chesterland, Ohio.

The longer a spot is allowed to sit on your carpet, the more damage it can do.

Don’t let the spots get the best of your carpet and you. We can help!

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Carpet Cleaning In Eastlake OH 44095

Carpet Cleaning In Eastlake OH 44095   –    Commercial and Residential carpets have gone through a lot this winter. With all the salt that has been used and tracked into the house or business. I was recently in a Eastlake  OH 44095 business that I have been in many times. and the difference in the color of the carpet was amazing. When I asked about it they came up with that their cleaning people aren’t vacuuming properly. I corrected them that unless there was another reason why they thought their cleaning people had not vacuumed properly, it wasn’t the reason for the carpet color change.

Have you ever seen when the roads are dry a day or two after a snow storm that the road looks white. That is salt residue and while some of it hasn’t attached to the road, a lot has. Same with your carpet salt residue will linger in your carpet even with the best of vacuuming. It really needs to be cleaned. Not only is it causing a whitish color on your carpet but salt residue is still salt just a finer salt that while it was wet when it came in attached to your carpet and that will rub against the fibers and cause a wearing problem that is surely not something you want. After all you did spend a lot of money on that carpet and want it to last as long as possible.

I recommend that you get your carpet cleaned by an IICRC certified technician. Smart Choice Cleaning technician is IICRC and can take care of your needs and help your carpet last.     440-721-7216

Carpet and Rug Cleaning Eastlake, Ohio

Carpet Cleaning Eastlake OH 44095Carpet and Rug Cleaning Eastlake, Ohio –    According to the Carpet and Rug Institute. The beauty and life of your carpet depends on the care it receives. Quality carpet that is well taken care of should last for 10-15 years. Proper cleaning will allow your carpet to keep looking great for its full lifetime. It will help to improve your indoor air quality and help you adhere to your carpets warranties. Maintaining you carpet helps protect your pocket book and the environment. The right cleaning helps you protect your carpet investment by keeping you from replacing it before its time.  By not replacing it before it is time helps the environment by not filling the landfills prematurely.

Don’t forget to get your carpet protected. This helps to protect the fibers and keep wear down to a minimum. At Smart Choice Cleaning we are here for you. Your satisfaction is our goal. We believe that with proper service and knowledge we can make it that there is one less thing you have to worry about.

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Getting your mattress cleaned


Getting your mattress cleaned

Getting your mattress cleaned –   It has come to my understanding that many people don’t realize that you can have your mattress cleaned. Your mattress can be cleaned by a professional just as easy as you call the professional to clean your sofa. You wash the sheets that you put on a mattress and you clean everything else but not many ever think of the mattress. You would be amazed at what your mattress can accumulate after many years. At Smart Choice Cleaning, we have cleaned Mattresses and heard from our customers later that they were able to have a more restful sleep without any allergens trapped in the their mattress.

You wouldn’t wait forever to clean your sheets, why would you wait to get your mattress cleaned. True the sheets do protect the mattress to some extent but there are still particles that make its way to the mattress and can still irritate you while you sleep. Get your mattress cleaned and enjoy a healthy sleep today. Getting your mattress cleaned can improve your health and improve your indoor air environment. Don’t delay call today.

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Call From Wickliffe, Ohio

Carpet Cleaning Eastlake OH 44095Call From Wickliffe, Ohio – Today I got this call from  someone in Wickliffe wanted a room and a hallway cleaned. She was concerned because the last carpet cleaner she hired left her carpet saturated with water and took roughly a week to dry. I explained that by the time we leave her house the carpet depending on the weather will be either dry to the touch or very mildly damp. Her Carpet should never take that long to dry. It got me to thinking that some people may put off getting their carpet cleaned because they are worried about how long their carpet is going to be wet. With Smart Choice Cleaning system the longest any carpet has ever taken to get dry and this was in the worst conditions with the house all closed up and no air movement. It took over night. Most all cases are dry to the touch within a couple of hours. So don’t be afraid to have your carpet cleaned. Just make the “Smart Choice“. We do have clients of ours that do request that the carpet is dry before we leave. We are able to do this. The service for this is called rapid drying.

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Call From Wickliffe, Ohio


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