Residential Carpet Cleaning Service


Carpet Cleaning Eastlake OH 44095We will first evaluate your carpet to decide which solutions will work the best based on your carpet and what state it is in. We then will discuss with you all options you may have and leave the decision up to you. We explain everything thoroughly up front so there will never be a surprise.


We will then pre- vacuum your carpet to remove any loose particulates which allows for a better cleaning. By removing the loose particulates before hand we ensure that the cleaning solutions are working harder on the soil that isn’t readily removed.


We will pre-condition your carpet with a cleaning solution that will be determined from when we preformed our evaluation. There is never just one cleaning solution for every carpet. Only companies that don’t preform a proper cleaning would ever just use one type of solution for every carpet.


In most cases we clean and rinse your carpet with hot water (up to 240 degrees)and extract it back with the cleaning solutions and soil to our recovery tank. This process is known as steam cleaning or Hot water extraction.


We then apply the best stain protector on the market to your carpet if requested. (Recommended ). We then groom your carpet.


We finally groom your carpet with a soft nylon fiber lifter to ensure a complete coverage of stain protector and to speed up the drying time as well as to help your carpet keep its youthful look. Most carpets are dry to the touch within 2-4 hours.