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lake county's best carpet cleanerSmart Choice Cleaning in Eastlake, Ohio is a family owned and operated professional carpet, upholstery, and  janitorial cleaning service that services both residential homes and commercial businesses. We take the time and use the knowledge that is needed to give you nothing but the best cleaning that you have ever had.


smart choice cleaningWhy Smart Choice Cleaning?

Smart Choice Cleaning is the leader in industry standards.  With our decades of experience and our devotion to provide nothing less that 100% satisfaction. The right cleaning will protect your investment and prolong its life. When cleaned the Smart Choice way you will not only prolong the life of your investments, you will breathe easier without all those pollutants in your home or workplace. lake county's best carpet cleaner

When smart choice cleans your carpets, they are dry in 2-4 hrs on average not 2-4 days like some other cleaners. It is your carpet and upholstery  you should be able to use it. We also offer a rapid dry service, where it is dry to the touch before we leave.

Our technicians are IICRC certified. On most new carpet warranties it states that in order to keep you warranty valid that you need to have your carpet cleaned by a IICRC certified technician or firm one every 18-24 months.  Not all technicians from other companies are certified.

Every cleaning solution that we use in your home or office is completely safe for you, your family, your coworkers, and pets. We take extra special care that we are only using safe products to thoroughly clean for you.

carpet cleaning mentorSmart Choice Cleaning offers the services you need.

  • Carpet Cleaning – We go the extra mile when carpet cleaning. pretreat, prevacuuming, and carpet grooming is not a extra with any normal carpet cleaning.
  • Upholstery Cleaning–  We can remove that soil and dust from your furniture whether it is new or many years used.
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning– Are your grout lines and tile surfaces not looking so clean anymore? smart choice cleaning uses a specialized cleaning solution, along with heat, to remove the dirt that everyday cleaning can not.
  • Area Rug Cleaning Are those Area Rugs not looking their best? Smart Choice Cleaning can remove those spots and any odor with free pick up and Delivery.
  • Deodorization – Are you having problems with odors that are a bother? We can help rid your home of them.
  • Flood water extraction-Smart Choice Cleaning can remove the water and dry your home or business out.
  • Power wash – We can power wash patio’s and driveways

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