Removing Rust from Your Driveway

Removing Rust from Driveways​removing rust

While the flooring in a home is what many look at and judge cleanliness on, the same could be said for areas outside the home.

A nice, clean and neat driveway, swept free of dust and debris, is noticed by everyone. So is one that has ugly rust stains.

Driveways are typically concrete or asphalt, neither of which should rust, right? Wrong!
Rust can develop from residues, such as those deposited on your driveway from your vehicle, from lawn care products and more. Also, the construction of your driveway, especially if concrete, contributes to rust stains. The rebar in the concrete can be close to the surface and rust can develop. There could be particles in asphalt that will rust as well.

No matter the cause, what you should be concerned with is prevention and, of course, removal of rust stains. Preventing them is difficult. Keeping everything clean is the first step, so rust doesn’t develop at all.

Steps to removal

For smaller rust stains, a little lemon juice or vinegar often does the trick. Apply when the affected areas are in the shade, or do it in the evening, because the sun will dry everything out too quickly. Work in the juice or vinegar with a brush. Rinse away any residues and reapply if you see some improvement.
If that doesn’t work, it’s time to get more aggressive. Visit your local hardware store and purchase a rust stain removal product and follow the directions. Be sure to note any precautions such as respiratory and contact issues.

And if that doesn’t work, it’s time to get really serious. At that same hardware store, you can purchase a stronger product, such as muriatic acid, and apply to the rust stains. But you must be very careful with strong acids as they can burn your skin and much worse. Also, remember that stronger acids can damage the actual driveway material so be careful how you apply it and how long it dwells on the surface. Some have found that stronger acids negatively affect asphalt driveways.

Be careful!

What’s best? Calling your cleaning pros at Smart Choice Cleaning, who know all about rust stains and how to remove them. Do the right thing. Give them a ring. Schedule your free estimate and cleaning solution today. 440-721-7216

Mentor Ohio Millennium Martial Arts Karate Tournament

Mentor Ohio Millennium Martial Arts Karate Tournament

Smart Choice Cleaning was proud to be one of the Sponsors for this local event Held in Mentor Ohio. The Millennium martial arts karate tournament has been going on for many years and Smart Choice Cleaning has been a proud sponsor for the last couple of years.  This martial arts tournament is for children, adults, and even people that have disabilities, but don’t let that get in the way.karate tournament 2017

This years tournament was held at the Mentor Memorial Junior High School Gym. It was amazing to see so many talented children and adults participate. It warms to heart to see the families that were there supporting their loved ones competing. Watching children carry trophies that were as tall as they were that they had won. It was a great time.

Karate tour. 2017

Smart Choice Cleaning is proud to sponsor such a family engaging activity.  To see so many smiles on young and not so young families was what it was all about. We want to give back to the community and this is only one of many things that we sponsor through the year with the dollars that you spend with us on your cleaning needs. By choosing Smart Choice Cleaning, you are helping not only to support a local family owned and operated business but helping us to support family things in communities around us. So A great big thanks goes to all of our cleaning customers for which none of this would be possible.


karate tour. 2017

Thank you from our hearts.



karate tour 2017karate tour 2017karate tour 2017karate tour 2017karate shirt 2017karate tour 2017

Three Steps to Cleaner Clothes

cleaner clothes

Three Steps to Cleaner Clothes

“Doing the laundry” — it’s a common phrase and chore in virtually every household.

Here are three easy ways to cleaner, fresher clothes.

#1. Pre-treat spots and stains: Any textile is porous, which means staining substances can penetrate into the fibers and become very difficult to remove, and can sometimes become permanent. Remember, there is a difference from a spot to a stain. Any visible spot should be pretreated with a laundry pretreatment product. Without this step, spots can work their way into the fibers and become stains.

#2: Sort it out: Separating delicate clothes, dark clothes and white clothes means you have a little more control over how aggressive your laundry is cleaned. You will want to be careful with any clothes that have custom clothing tags. Delicates should usually be cleaned in colder water, with a shorter cycle. Consider air or hang drying all delicates. Dark clothes might bleed, so washing them separate is smart, and also on colder water (to be safer.) White clothes definitely show more dirt but often are also more durable. You can use hot water for most whites. Always look at the tag on each item as there’s nothing more frustrating than a sweater coming out three sizes smaller than when it went in.

#3: Boost your cleaning power: When you have really dirty or smelly laundry, sometimes the normal soap doesn’t do the trick. There are laundry boosters available that do what the name implies: They boost the cleaning power by using oxidizing solutions that aren’t as strong as chlorine bleach, which can easily remove color. A booster really does the trick on tough dirt, spots, stains, and odors. Follow the manufacturer’s directions carefully.

Besides clothes, what about your carpet or furniture? There’s no washing machine big enough! Do the smart thing and call your favorite carpet and furniture cleaning company Smart Choice Cleaning  440-721-7216

The Myth of the Vacuum

The Myth of the Vacuum

You would be hard-pressed not to find this noisy, electrical, and often-underused mechanical device in any home, apartment, or business.

What is it? The vacuum cleaner. You know, that silent sentinel in your closet that comes to life when you plug it in and push the power button, and it buzzes all over the carpet as you chase it around the house.

The problem with the vacuum cleaner is we trust it too much. No, we’re not saying you shouldn’t vacuum your carpet or area rugs. You should vacuum once per week per occupant, on average, for the main areas. You might vacuum the bedrooms less frequently. We all know that proper vacuuming is important in caring for the carpet. But some feel that vacuuming the carpet is equal to carpet cleaning. That’s a myth and it is simply not true. Professional carpet cleaning removes so much more than a vacuum can remove. Yet it has been reported that consumers feel that frequent vacuuming removes the dust and grime from their floors and they can either skip or prolong regular carpet cleaning.

That’s not the case.

A good vacuum, no matter how powerful or advanced, removes only dry soil. The stuff that is tracked in every day and should be removed every day, as well. Vacuums don’t remove the sticky, greasy soil stuck to the carpet fibers, so the use of a good vacuum for carpets is not perfect for this purpose. You need professional cleaning to remove those soils.

Compare this to washing your car with a dry rag… or brushing your hair and skipping the shower and shampoo… or — well, you get the point. You need quality cleaning, deep carpet cleaning, to get your carpet thoroughly cleaned.

Do yourself a favor. Keep that vacuum cleaner working, use it all the time, but also use your professional carpet cleaning pro. He knows what it takes to remove ALL the dirt!

Schedule your appointment by calling  440-721-7216
For all of you condo owners out there, call up AK Building Services, the best Condo Cleaning Services business. Don’t rely on those rinky-dink vacuum cleaners. Trust the professionals, AK Building Services.

Preventing Insomnia

man sleeping

Preventing Insomnia

Insomnia can hit anyone of any age, seemingly out of the blue. In fact, one in three people complain about insomnia. Not only is this the inability to get to sleep, but it also involves not being able to stay asleep. Here are some techniques that will help you combat the condition.

  • Go to bed and get up at the same time every day, including weekends. Keeping the same routine will help to program your body.

  • Avoid intense conversation, arguments, and upsetting news/talk show before bed.

  • Get a checkup from your physician. Your insomnia could be a side effect from a medical condition of some kind.

  • Avoid Alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, ginseng and heavy meals within six hours of your planned bedtime.

  • Exercise vigorously for thirty minutes at some time during the day.

  • Practice meditation, relaxation or prayer for 15 minutes during the day.

  • Keep your bedroom as cool and dark as possible. Make sure there is no television set in your room – your bedroom should be only for sleep/rest.

  • Breathe very deeply and slowly. Deliberately make yourself yawn repeatedly

  • Call Smart Choice Cleaning and get your mattress cleaned 440-721-7216

Dust Mites The Enemy ?

Are You Sleeping With the Enemy?


Who is the enemy? The enemy is called a dust mite, and he and his friends and family members sleep with you each and every night. In fact, your mattress can contain up to 2 million of the little buggers. Sounds like an Alfred Hitchcock movie, doesn’t it?


What Are Dust Mites?          no dust mites


Dust mites are tiny animals you cannot see, averaging 1/100 of an inch in size. Dust mites belong to the arachnid family, which includes spiders, scorpions, and ticks. Every home has dust mites. They feed on skin flakes and are found in mattresses, pillows, carpets, upholstered furniture, bedcovers, clothes, stuffed toys, and fabric or other fabric-covered items.


It’s their bathroom habits that are the most likely to make us itch and wheeze. Many people develop severe allergies to dust mite droppings. Exposure to dust mite allergen can cause asthma in susceptible children.
Lie on a rug where they live and you might get itchy red bumps on your skin. Breath in dust and you may have more serious symptoms like difficulty breathing or even a severe asthma attack. But, the bedroom – where you spend over a third of your life – is where you’re most likely to be affected. Research shows that the average pillow is 15% heavier after 5 years, due to the buildup of dead skin cells, dead and living dust mites, and the waste they excrete. Can you imagine how much weight your mattress gains in 5 years? Yuck.


What Can You Do?mattress


There’s really no way you can completely avoid dust mites in the bedroom. They’re as certain as death and taxes. But, with vacuum cleaning your mattress thoroughly every time you change the sheets, washing pillows, comforters, and blankets frequently, and having your mattresses professionally deep cleaned at least annually, you and your family will sleep better at night. You “mite” even wake up in a good mood! Call us for more information. 440-721-7216

Special Carpet Cleaning Deal December 2014

Special Carpet Cleaning Deal For December 2014

special carpet cleaning deal

Special Carpet Cleaning Deal for the holidays that are fast approaching us. The days between now and the 25th of December is growing shorter by the second. At Smart Choice Cleaning we know how hectic this time of year is. You forget what you need to get done because there is just so much to do. Also, this time of the year is demanding on our budgets, but when we want the best, we always Call Smart Choice Cleaning! We wanted everyone to be able to have their family over and open Christmas presents on a clean floor. So we came up with a pricing program that is only good for the month of December 2014.

Special carpet Cleaning Deal for December 2014

2 rooms $70
3 rooms $95
Adjacent normal size halls of carpet are cleaned for free with any min. carpet cleaning. Free bottle of Spot Out with any cleaning.
Sofa $70
Love seat $50
chair $35
Fabric protector for carpet or upholstery $10 a room or per each piece of furniture.
Call us and schedule your appointment
offers good for December of 2014
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Most Carpet Cleaners would not offer such discounts during this time of year. After all, it is a carpet cleaners busiest time of year. But we know that there are so many that need their carpets cleaned for the Holiday and budgets are just not making it easy.

This Special Carpet Cleaning Deal is here for you. The cleaning is done by our own IICRC  certified technician.

So make the Smart Choice and get your carpets cleaned for the holidays. You will be glad that you did and your family will be thankful for the clean carpets on Christmas morning.   Not to worry about getting it done and someone spilling something on it. We leave you with a free bottle of Spot Out to help clean up those spills that happen after a carpet cleaning. Our clients love this stuff. Lucy from Perry, Ohio says it is awesome. AnnMarie from Novelty, Ohio loves it so much she asked to by extra bottles. Mary from Eastlake, Ohio said it is the greatest stuff she has ever used.

We can not wait to hear from you. Call Today 440-721-7216


Fast Drying Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Fast Drying Commercial Carpet Cleaning

commercial carpet cleaningYou are looking for Commercial Carpet Cleaning but you do not want it to take long. You do not want it to be wet for a long period of time. You are not thrilled about the cost. You want results that will impress you. You want a company that you can depend on.

Smart Choice Cleaning located in Lake county, Ohio. Serves Lake County, Geauga County and Cuyahoga County is your answer. We do offer Commercial Carpet Cleaning that you are traditionally use to which is hot water extraction (also known as steam cleaning). We also offer very low moisture cleaning (VLM).

Very Low Moisture Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Very low moisture cleaning is dry in under one hour and it can bring your carpet back to life. It takes less time to clean than hot water extraction which saves you money. The results can be very impressive. The price is so much lower that you might consider getting your carpets cleaned more often which is great because you have visitors to your facility throughout the year. Did I mention that the cleaning solution for our VLM cleaning is also a certified Green product. Imagine that a green cleaning that will save you money and dry in under a hour. Did you know that some of the biggest manufacturers of commercial carpets are now recommending this cleaning?

Can we add a carpet protector with it? Yes we can ! Carpet protector can help with the times in between cleanings. It helps to keep soil from attaching to your carpet fiber. It makes even regular vacuuming more effective.

Still not sure?  Call us today and we will for free come out and demonstrate it for you so you can see the results with out a commitment. We know your going to love it.

Hot Water Extraction Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Hot water extraction is dry in about 2-4 hours and it can bring your carpet back to life. It takes a while longer to clean than VLM but it is very effective as well. The results here as well can be very impressive. It is still recommended to get hot water extraction commercial carpet cleaning done every so often. Depending on your carpet and usage which our certified technician will be able to go over with you. With VLM on a regular basis can be done once every 4-5 years.

Smart Choice Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Smart Choice,  family-owned, and operated business. Our technician is IICRC certified in commercial carpet care. We knowledge and understanding to give you the best carpet cleaning you have ever had.


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Cleaning Furniture Upholstery What You May Never Thought Of

Cleaning Furniture Upholstery

cleaning furniture upholsteryHave you ever thought about cleaning furniture upholstery ? No. Read on I think you will be surprised and ask yourself why you never thought about this before.

Like most people they think about carpet cleaning when their carpets looks or smells dirty. Same is said about their furniture. You say that we walk on the floor so we expect it to be dirty but we only sit or lay on our furniture. Your clothes that you wear all day collect a lot of the same soils that your shoes collect. Granted your shoes will pick up things that your clothes won’t. The same is true that your clothes will pick up things that your shoes won’t. Then you have the fact that your skin has oil that attracts different things to your skin. Then this oil transfers to your furniture upholstery.  Cleaning furniture upholstery is very much needed even if it does not look dirty.

Think about it. You wash the sheets on your bed. Sheets are just an upholstery cover over your mattress. You wash them on a regular basis. You are on them for so many hours a night and they get dirty. You are not laying on your furniture for as long of a time at once. So you will not have to get your furniture cleaned as often but it will need to be cleaned. All those soils and oils are building up on your favorite pieces of furniture. Not to mention the dust mites that have made it their home. Since it happens in such a slow process, your eyes are adjusting to it and you do not notice it as much. Sort of like while you are living with someone and they slowly lose weight. You may not notice it as much as someone that does not see you for a while and then sees the difference all at once.

Smart Choice Cleaning Furniture Upholstery

Smart Choice Cleaning uses state of the art cleaning methods for cleaning furniture upholstery for you. There is no one cleaning method that is right for all the different kinds of furniture upholstery that is out there. When you call we will ask you general questions that you should easily answer, so we may give you an honest estimate. When the technician arrives they will assess the upholstery. The fibers and soiling will determine the correct cleaning method that we would use. This ensures the best results of cleaning as well as taking great care of your furniture’s upholstery.

Contact Smart Choice About Cleaning Furniture Upholstery


We can not wait to make your life a little better.

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Tile and Grout Cleaning , Why Does It Get Dirty?

Tile and Grout Cleaning

tile and grout cleaningTile and Grout Cleaning , Why does it get dirty? Tile and grout is basically a smooth surface with little trenches that surround each tile. The trenches are a type of concrete which makes them porous and should be sealed. Your normal everyday cleaning of the tile and grout usually consists of sweeping and mopping. This is effective, but over time what you are sweeping and mopping is getting left behind in the trenches. It will even pull extra dirt off the mop to leave it in the grout lines. this adds water to the soil that is left behind and it forms into a tougher soil to remove. The soil could be anything from dirt to grease. tile and grout cleaning works to break up this soil and suck it away. Leaving a cleaner looking grout line.

Smart Choice Cleaning has the right state of the art equipment and cleaners to take on these dirty grout lines. We have the knowledge and expertise to clean them and bring them back to their former glory. Clients of ours that have had their tile and grout cleaned were amazed and said they had forgotten that their grout lines were that color.

When you purchased your tile and grout floor , you probably picked out the color of the grout as well. You did this for a reason. You like the color grout that went together with the floor. Seeing that again could just make you love the floor again.

Every tile and grout floor is going to get dirty even with normal everyday cleaning. It is normal and expected. It needs the special cleaning that Smart Choice Cleaning offers to take away the dirt on a regular basis. A regular basis depends on your floor the foot traffic and other factors. On average a tile and grout floor needs a good cleaning every 12-18 months.

If you are in the Houston area, we highly recommend the best tile and grout cleaning specialists, Houston Groutsmith. They deliver service professionally and efficiently. Contact them today!

Make you and your tile and grout floor happy.

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