Carpet Cleaning Then and Now What’s Different

carpet cleaning thenCarpet Cleaning Then and Now

Carpet cleaning back in the day was a novelty. Not much was known about it. The first professional carpet cleaners would do their best with what they had. Back in those days people took pride in their work and gave you a honest effort. The carpets were cleaned, with what they learned through trial and error, that worked. They did not have the understanding of cause and effect back then.

Carpet makers themselves changed the way they made carpets through the same process. They would experiment with different fibers and techniques to make a product that would last.

Now the carpets are made from many different kinds of fibers and blends of fibers along with science to provide people with what they are asking for. Although the one thing they can not make is a carpet that cleans itself. They use products and engineering on their carpets that make them stain resistant so you feel safer when that glass of wine or milk spills. These products only last for so long though. Usually with in one year they are starting to wear away and your carpet is starting to show more soil than you would like.

The old saying was, wait as long as you can before you get your carpet cleaning done because it will get soiled faster afterwards. Back then this was true. The cleaners that the carpet cleaning companies were using were rough and left a residue on your carpet that would attract the soil and dirt faster. Your vacuum was not as good as they are today and they did not do half of what the ones today can do.

Today carpet cleaning companies like Smart Choice Cleaning are using cleaners that do not leave a residue on your carpet. The new cleaners are diverse and if used by the right company in the proper manner produce amazing results. The key word is proper. Click here and you see that there are proper cleaners for many different kinds of carpet fiber, spots, soils and conditions. Choosing the proper cleaner for your carpet is key to the best cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Is Not The Same For Every Carpet

carpet cleaning samplesNot all carpets are created equal. At your local carpet store there are choices upon choices for you to choose from. This is just this years samples. Next year there will be more and the next year there will even be more choices. Carpet cleaning should not be the same for each of these carpets. They are made differently. From fibers, styles, color, prints, and the list goes on. No one wonder cleaner can clean all of these and be successful. Smart carpet cleaning companies know this and use the proper cleaner for your carpet and the proper cleaner for you unique soiling condition. Way to many companies make the choice to only use one type of cleaner on all carpets. It might be a safe cleaner, but is it really the right safe cleaner.

Smart Choice Cleaning uses what will clean your carpet the best at the same time keeping your carpet safe for you and your family. We inspect your carpet before we ever begin so we can choose the right product that is going to make you smile. After all, not only are we cleaning your carpets but we are making your home healthy.

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Odor Removal From Your Carpet Good And Bad

Odor Removal From Your Carpet

Odor removal from your carpet can be a difficult process. There are so many products on the market that will promise you the world andodor removal from your carpet deliver not much more than a short break from the odor. They are what we call masking agents. Disguising the odor with a scent or odor of their own. When their odor wears away, you are stuck with your original problem. This usually happens with in 1 to 2 weeks. You can end up spending more money to keep the odors covered by these products than just getting them taken care of properly.

The worst odors are usually pet urine odors. In the warmer months you will smell them more. Urine never really completely dries. What they due is form salt crystals that trap in ammonia gas. When you have those warm humid days the moisture in the air reacts with these salt crystals and releases the ammonia gas which is the odor that you associate with urine. Pet owners of cats and dogs face most sorts of these problems are people with smaller pets such as abyssinian guinea pig, hamster and rabbits can keep the surroundings of their home clean merely by keeping these small pets in cages.

Home Made Products For Odor Removal From Your Carpet

Everyone I have ever talked to that has told me about all the remedies that they read online. The ones that have tried them all have said the same thing. If they did work it was short lived. Most though said it did nothing. I have looked into a lot of them and found most of the ingredients should never be put into your carpet in the first place. Things like dish soap will only remain in your carpet and attract dirt making a secondary problem of attracting soil. So now you have a spot on your carpet and the smell is still there. Not really a good solution. Another ingredient is baking powder which is usually a good thing to absorb odor. Not really good for Odor Removal From Your Carpet though. And not really good against urine. Like I said it is the salt crystal that is activated by moisture. So if baking powder might try to help what is in the air at that moment. But the next wave of odor to be released it is all used up. Not to mention you now have powder sitting in your carpet with moisture which turns into a paste in your carpet.

Store Bought Products For Odor Removal From Your Carpet

I have come across so many people that have spent so much money on these products that they could of just bought a new carpet and yet they still had the same problem that they started with. A lot of these products will use a odor that you may like to over power the odor you do not want and will last 1 to 2 weeks. We call these masking agents since they really do not remove or contain the odor. They more a less hide the odor for a time.

What Can You Do For Odor Removal From Your Carpet

So your pet left urine in your carpet. How much urine did your pet leave you? How quickly did you respond to the urine? Urine not only can be in your carpet, but it could be in your padding as well. If your pet has been doing it a while and really leaves you a lot it could of soaked into the padding and even worse yet soaked into the sub floor or concrete. If they were by a wall it could of gone into your molding strip that runs along your floor. As you can now see it can get very involved. More than just what a store product or a home made product could ever hope to do for the odor removal from your carpet. It is time for a professional to help you asses your situation. I know that this sounds expensive but at Smart Choice Cleaning, we never charge you to take a look and give you our professional opinion. It is called being a good neighbor. There is never a charge or obligation to get a evaluation form the professionals at Smart Choice Cleaning.

We have had so much success with odors that we are recommended by our customers all the time. We are also on Angie’s list with a A rating.

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Carpet Cleaning Mentor How often is Normal

How often is normal for you carpet cleaning mentor?


We are often asked, “How often should I have my carpet cleaning Mentor?” While we often jokingly reply “once a week,” the truth is, there is no set amount of time. Cleaning frequency really depends on the type of traffic you have on your carpet and how you maintain it.carpet cleaning mentor

Some people can get by with professional carpet cleaning mentor every couple of years, while other people need their carpets cleaned every 3 months or so.

Appearance alone should not be the determining factor when deciding when to clean the carpet. Today’s carpets are engineered from the fiber up to hide soil. In fact, a tan, residential grade saxony carpet can hide up to a pound of dirt per square foot before it becomes noticeably soiled. Once a carpet reaches this degree of soiling, it is not just in need of maintenance, but restoration as well.

Commercial carpeting is often placed on a maintenance program where cleaning is scheduled before it reaches an unacceptable level. Manufactures are increasingly requiring that residential carpets be placed on a regular maintenance program as well.

Soil, grit and grime in a carpet can work like tiny razor blades, slicing and dicing your carpet fibers, causing them to loose that “new” shimmer and taking years off their life. Carpet that is well maintained will wear longer and is less likely to contribute to indoor air pollution.

appearance, reduction of potentially unhealthy contamination that may accumulate in the carpet, and manufacturers requirements to maintain your warranty should all be factors that help you decide how often to clean your carpeting.

A “no shoes policy,” application of carpet protectant, frequent thorough vacuuming, and spotting with a residue-free spotter such as Smart Choice Cleanings Spot out are all excellent ways for you to keep your carpeting vibrant and healthy and extend the length of time between professional cleanings.

If you would like advice on how often you should have your own carpets cleaned ( how often is normal ), please give us a a call at 440-721-7216

Why Your Work Place Needs A Great Janitorial Service

Why Is a great janitorial service needed

great Janitorial serviceA great janitorial service is an often overlooked solution to support improved workplace productivity is maintaining a high level of cleanliness within the company, through both traditional and new green practices. Not only are employees typically more productive in a cleaned working space, they can also benefit from a reduced frequency of office illnesses through consistent, quality cleaning procedures.

Office cleanliness by a great janitorial service like Smart Choice Cleaning can help create a healthier workplace with the following benefits:

It has been shown that an unclean workplace  can lead to higher levels of stress and illness among your office workers.

  • Less Workplace-related Illnesses: An office that provides a clean work place supports workers to maximize their full potential.
  • Less Sick Days: Offices harbor germs covering a wide array of surfaces that cause workers to take an average of at least seven sick days per year, which can be decreased by implementing a cleaning program that prevents germs from spreading.
  • Focused Work: Ensuring that work spaces are clean and clear has the potential to reduce stress levels and allow workers to focus more intently on their tasks at hand.
  • Reducing  Allergens: This is especially true for the nearly 1 in 3 employees who say they have allergies that are aggravated by something in the workplace.

great janitorial serviceA great janitorial service is very much needed but sometimes they are hard to find. Sure there are a lot of companies that call themselves janitorial services. These companies will sometimes pay and hire staff that are not motivated. Which leads into things that you and your company do not want to have the hassle of dealing with. Such as no shows, theft and damage.

At Smart Choice Cleaning we are a company that is family owned and operated. We pay and treat our staff well. We also hold them accountable. They also are all Americans (English is the first language). We have never had a theft, damage or a no show in the entire life of the company. To us a great janitorial service is much more than just the cleaning. It is about the client, and servicing there needs so that they have a few less things to worry about.

If you are looking for a cleaning services the can offer assure you sparkling clean office and home, then I would recommend you book Maid2Match for cleaning services as they ensure only to deliver the best quality of services.

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Lake County’s Best Carpet Cleaner : Lake County’s Best Carpet Cleaner – Lake County’s Best Carpet Cleaner : Lake County’s Best Carpet Cleaner.

Lake County’s Best Carpet Cleaner

lake county's best carpet cleanerSmart Choice Cleaning is Lake county’s best carpet cleaner. In beautiful Lake County Ohio it can be very deceiving on which carpet cleaning company to call to take care of your carpet. There are plenty of choices with a wide variety of prices and services. Which one should you choose?

There are big companies and owner operators. There are companies that promise the world and deliver much less. The main reason is because they really do not know how or what it takes to preform a proper cleaning. They do not have the training or knowledge to apply to your carpets needs. At Smart Choice Cleaning we have the training and knowledge to give your carpet what it needs and provide you with the most thorough carpet cleaning you have ever had.

When looking for Lake county’s best carpet cleaner, you should take everything in to account. A huge company (franchise) could have several employees that may or may not know anything other than what they were told. Do not get me wrong these big companies probably do have a couple of good technicians but equally have technicians that do not care. Smart Choice Cleaning is a family owned and operated business where the owner who is IICRC certified is on the job with over 29 years of experience.

With the fact that we are a family owned business we take great care of our clients. Customer satisfaction is something that we take very seriously. Just take a look at just a few of our testimonials on our web site. If you do not trust web sites testimonials then you could always check us out with the BBB where we are an accredited member with a A rating. Also there is Angie’s list which we have reviews. There is of course reviews on yahoo and other places through the web.

Do you cringe at the thought of getting your carpet cleaned because of how long it takes to dry? I have heard the horror stories from clients that before using Smart Choice Cleaning they used other companies that left their carpets wet for days. At Smart Choice Cleaning that should never happen. Our average for a normal cleaning should be dry in 2-4 hrs. We do offer a faster drying time with what we call lake county's best carpet cleanerour rapid dry cleaning that will have your carpet dry in less than a hour.

Do they protect your home while they are cleaning or do they leave it to chance. Lake County’s Best Carpet Cleaner Smart Choice Cleaning uses padded blankets for your floors that we are not cleaning and corner guards to protect your corners from chipping. These are things you should expect but rarely receive from the bigger companies.

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Lake County’s Best Carpet Cleaner


The Best Furniture Cleaning Painesville Ohio

Furniture Cleaning Painesville Ohio

Getting your furniture cleaning painesville ohio done now is a great time. Children are back in school and all summer long they have furniture cleaning Painesville Ohiobeen lounging on the furniture playing games or even just taking that nap each day. All of this has taken a toll on your beautiful furniture. The oil from there bodies not to mention all of the things that they brought in with them from the outside is now attached to your furniture and probably everything else.

It is perfect timing really that they were able to go back to school and that the Holidays are fast approaching. Not to mention the cooler air is on its way when you will start to close up all the windows and trap all those things in with you. Not to mention with the holiday’s that are coming up and all the guests that will be stopping by to see what the summer did to your furniture. And we wonder why holiday’s can be so stressful.

But where to go, who to trust. Smart Choice Cleaning has been the experts in Lake County Ohio for years. We are the experts that you and your furniture needs. You want a company you can trust, one that will take your concerns to heart and work for you and not for a quick buck. We are that company. Smart Choice Cleaning is a BBB accredited member with a A rating. We also have great reviews on Angie’s List as well as many other sites including our own that our clients have shared with us.

When choosing a furniture cleaning Painesville Ohio. You want a company that does not consider you a customer but instead a client. Afurniture cleaning Painesville ohio customer is someone a company is only interested in cleaning one time. But a client is someone we want to the best work for since we want to be their company of choice in the future. This is our philosophy at Smart Choice Cleaning. Every cleaning we preform is for a client not just some customer.

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What You Should Expect Of your Carpet Cleaner Solon Ohio

What You Should Expect Of your carpet cleaner solon ohio

Your carpet cleaner solon ohio should be held to high standards. At Smart Choice Cleaning we strive to meet those standards and gocarpet cleaner Solon Ohio beyond.

When you place a order to get your carpet cleaned you are expecting a professional to arrive at your home or business that has the knowledge and skill to provide a very thorough carpet cleaning. Unfortunately there are companies out there that send someone that really has no idea of what they are doing. They were never properly trained and treat every carpet the same way. Smart Choice Cleaning your carpet cleaner in Solon Ohio always has a IICRC certified technician at every cleaning.

IICRC certified technician means that they went through extensive training and testing. They also have to continue to receive training with continuing education. They also must follow a code of ethics and cleaning standards for your home or office.

IICRC certified Firms are companies where at least the owner has gone through the IICRC process but does not mean the technician that comes to your home or office is certified. It just means that the owner has promised to eventually get their technicians trained.

When searching for a carpet cleaner in Solon Ohio and you are looking for IICRC certified. Always ask for a IICRC certified technician.

Smart Choice Cleaning is your preferred carpet cleaner Solon Ohio

With Smart Choice Cleaning, not only do you get a certified technician in your home or office.

  • unmatched customer service
  • most thorough carpet cleaning you have ever had.
  • The knowledge and experience of over 28 years in the industry
  • A High powered van unit
  • A BBB accredited member
  • A company that only uses the highest quality cleaning solutions made.
  • We are open 7 days a week. If you need us on a specific day we will do everything in our power to be there that day.

Check out our Consumer information page that we have on our website just to keep you informed. We believe that a client that is aware will always choose Smart Choice Cleaning over the others simply because we are the Smart Choice.

Not only are we open 7 days a week but we even try to fit in a clients that need same day service. It all about you the client at Smart Choice Cleaning.

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Rug Cleaning Wickliffe Ohio

Rug Cleaning Wickliffe Ohio

rug cleaning Wickliffe ohioRug Cleaning Wickliffe Ohio by Smart Choice Cleaning can make a world of difference. Your oriental or area rug could not be in better hands. All rug cleanings are done in plant to allow for proper cleaning and drying. We will pick your rug up for you and deliver it back to you when it is done for no extra charge.

Have you ever looked at your oriental or area rug and thought that needs to be cleaned? It probably does, it needs to be cleaned just like your carpet needs to get cleaned. There is a difference though in the way it needs to be cleaned. They need a lot more TLC when it comes to their care. This is why Smart Choice Cleaning is the smartest and best choice when it comes to your Rug Cleaning Wickliffe Ohio.

There are a lot of things that you have to do in a day and trying to find the time not to mention the room in your vehicle to drop the rug off somewhere just is not something you look forward to. Smart Choice Cleaning will come out to your home or business and inspect and carefully pick up and transport your rug for FREE. Then we bring it into the shop and inspect it again before any work is done to it. We customize the cleaning of your rug for what your rug needs to become clean and revitalized

Your oriental or area rug is very valuable to you. You bought it because you enjoyed the way it looked and you needed one. Enjoy the way it looked when it was clean again. We know that it is very valuable to you and so is your time. Call Smart Choice Cleaning and you can enjoy your rug and not infringe on your time.

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Beachwood Ohio Carpet Cleaner – Call 440-721-7216

Beachwood Ohio Carpet Cleaner

Beachwood Ohio carpet cleanerBeachwood Ohio carpet cleaner, Smart Choice Cleaning is your best source for all of your carpet and Upholstery needs. IICRC certified technicians using state of the art van mounted equipment with only the best cleaning solutions. Now top that off with customer satisfaction, just check out our testimonials. This is really what it is all about.

Getting the best possible service and the cleanest carpet you can have is what we deliver. Smart Choice Cleaning your Beachwood Ohio carpet cleaner stands behind everything that we do 100%. We take your concerns to heart and take the time to address each and every one of them before, during, and after your carpet or upholstery have been cleaned.

Smart Choice Cleaning your Beachwood Ohio carpet cleaner is able to clean carpets and upholstery 7 days a week. We are a family owned and operated business. We also offer some evening appointments as well. Smart Choice Cleaning tries to help fit into your schedule since we know how busy life can be.

When was the last time you hired a Beachwood Ohio carpet cleaner?

Time flies by and there is never enough hours in the day. You get caught up in all the things around you and since not everyone thinks about the carpet or upholstery it gets pushed aside. Not on purpose, but it happens. A lot of times are carpet is great at even hiding the fact that it is getting dirty. You only start to notice it when you sit or lay down on it. Did you know you can actually hide 1lb. of soil in one square foot of carpet? Do not believe me, check out a video in our consumer info section.

At Smart Choice Cleaning, when you become a client we help every way we can. We will send you friendly reminders at different times when we think it should be about ready to be cleaned again. We keep you informed. Life is never really going to slow down and if we can help make it a little easier for you then we want to help.

We want to provide you with the most thorough cleaning experience ever. If you would like to know more then Please check out the rest of our web site and  you can really see that we really are the SMART CHOICE.

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Part Three Carpet Cleaning Painesville Ohio

Carpet Cleaning Painesville Ohio

carpet cleaning painesville ohioCarpet Cleaning Painesville Ohio. Last time We talked about what those carpet cleaning machines you buy or rent can do for your carpet. That they are good for general light maintenance but still can not get out what the true professional carpet cleaner can. Regardless of their claims on television. Sure your carpets might look clean, but that really is just because they cleaned the top portion of your carpet. They do not get the soil deep in your carpet that can affect the wear of your carpet. Also from my clients that have them have told me that they leave your carpet wet for a while.  Granted there are so called professionals that leave your carpet wet for a long time afterward as well. They really are not professionals. With a professional carpet cleaning Painesville Ohio they will be almost dry to the touch before the technician leaves or in some cases dry by the time they leave.

Many people think that a wet carpet is the norm for getting your carpet cleaning Painesville Ohio. While it is true that we use water in our process and there it does get your carpet wet. It is how you get it wet and what you do to remove the water that is the difference. At Smart Choice Cleaning we use the water heated up to 240 degrees which is hotter than boiling. This aides in the drying process since hot water will dry faster than cold. A good example is steam. Which is why it is commonly referred to as steam cleaning. Also by the technician taking the time to extract as much of the moisture as possible. We use a very powerful van unit that extracts a great deal of this moisture and we take extra passes to make sure we are removing as much as possible. Non professionals or others think that the quicker they get done the quicker they can get to the next cleaning job. Smart Choice Cleaning takes the time that you and your carpet deserve to produce the best results for carpet cleaning Painesville Ohio. On very humid days even this may not be enough to get your carpet as dry as it should be. This is why if needed or requested we will use a very high powered blower that blows down on your carpet in a 360 degree circle. Normally this can dry a 12 x 12 room in about 5-20 minutes.

Did you know that the cleaners that you get from the store for your machine or one that you can rent are actually very weak. By average compared to what a true professional uses it is only 25% of the strength. So you could say that it only gets it 25% of the clean. The cleaning solution is very important. It is what helps loosen the soil and raise it up for extraction. At Smart Choice Cleaning we only use the top of the line when it comes to products in your home or business. We also make sure that everything we use is completely safe for your pets and your family. We are family owned and operated and know the importance of safe products. We also offer green cleaning for those of you that want to take the safety a step further in your carpet cleaning Painesville Ohio.

Did you know that your carpet looses its warranty if it is not professionally cleaned every 18-24 months. According to an expert from Southwestern Rugs Depot, most warranties out today are also stating that it needs to be by a IICRC certified technician. All technicians at Smart Choice Cleaning are IICRC certified. Also the protector that the carpet manufacturer applied to your carpet before you purchased it only lasts for up to a year. Over the course of the 1st year you owned your carpet and used it, the protector wears away. It needs to be cleaned and have the protector reapplied by a professional.

I hope that this series has helped you understand your carpet in your home much better. Your carpet is great at keeping your air indoor air quality the best it can be but it does need to be professionally cleaned to be able to do its job properly and last you a very long time.

Call the Pro’s at Smart Choice Cleaning for you carpet cleaning Painesville Ohio.


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